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A Conversation with Ireland Based Band Seafoam Green

May 20, 2023 With Hosts Lee Zimmerman and Billy Hubbard Episode 24
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A Conversation with Ireland Based Band Seafoam Green
Show Notes

A conversation with the Ireland based band Seafoam Green as they bring their Americana Roots Roadshow across the Atlantic for their 2023 US tour.
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What others are saying about Seafoam Green:

- Classic Rock Magazine “Stunning...9/10”, 

- Country Music Magazine ★★★★★ 

- Mojo Magazine - “Near faultless album"

"Seafoam Green are Irish band Dave O'Grady and Muireann McDermott Long. The pair specialise in what we now call Americana. If you want blues, gospel, and folk, they’ve got it, but what they’ve actually perfected across two albums and countless live shows is the sound of a glorious rock n’ soul revival.  Seafoam Green even find room for a dash of Dublinese, just to remind people where they’re coming from. Heavy hitters like Rich Robinson, Derek Trucks, and Tyler Greenwell have all chipped in, and it’s not hard to hear why, for this is thrilling, vital, and – that word again - soulful music."
Pat Carty - Hot Press Magazine

Host Lee Zimmerman is a freelance music writer whose articles have appeared in several leading music industry publications. Lee is a former promotions representative for ABC and Capital Records and director of communications for various CBS affiliated television stations. Lee authored "Americana Music - Voices, Visionaries & Pioneers of an Honest Sound," as well as his recent book about legendary producer and engineer Jim Gains "Thirty Years Behind The Glass," both are now available on Amazon and other outlets.

Lee also played a key role in securing airplay for Jimmy Buffett’s first major hit, “Margaritaville” so you can blame him for the fact that it’s become something akin to a Parrot heads’ national anthem! During his time at Capital records Lee also worked with such legends as Paul McCartney, Bob Seger, the Steve Miller Band, and others. You can contact Lee at and find him online at

Podcast producer/cohost Billy Hubbard is a Tennessee based Americana Singer/Songwriter and former Regional Director of A&R for a Grammy winning company, as well as a music and podcast producer. Billy is also the venue developer, booking manager, and co-founder of the iconic venue "The Station" in East Tennessee. As an artist Billy is endorsed by Godin's Simon & Patrick Guitars and his YouTube channel has over 3 million viewers. Billy's new self titled album released September 2022 is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Shopify and all major outlets! Learn more about Billy online at
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