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5 Talents Podcast - Commercial Real Estate, REI, Financial Freedom

Abel Pacheco

Welcome to the 5 Talents Podcast! Your host Abel Pacheco interviews the top commercial restate investors and industry experts so you can learn from their experiences. If you’re an investor, a high W-2 earner, a tech or sales professional wanting to invest in real estate without leaving your current profession & without managing properties yourself… Then this podcast is for you! Or… If you're already investing in real estate part-time, and want to become a full-time investor, then this podcast is for you TOO! You will learn a ton! On the 5 Talents Podcast, you will learn from real-life multifamily investors and other real estate professionals who will stretch your mind on what’s possible and share their blueprints for success.Your host Abel Pacheco is a 12 year veteran in real estate investing and invested in 865 doors himself. He is a Principal/General Partner in 400+ doors, and a passive limited partner in 465 doors. In his professional career, he led teams of 60+ individuals to "10x growth" of $57MM in yearly acquisitions. He is a servant leader, who gives back through his podcast, webinars, and meetups. Abel combines his passion for real estate investing, his professional successes, faith, leadership, and core beliefs to serve the investment community. Abel has also served his local church for nearly 10 years as a deacon and finance board member. If you are on a journey to obtain financial freedom through multifamily real estate investing and want to learn other real multifamily investors, multi-millionaires, industry experts, and others who can help you on the way, then this is the podcast for you. We want to add as much value as we can to our listeners on their path to financial freedom.

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