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CORONA CHOIR...what choral folks NEED to know with Fish the Choir Guy

Steven Fisher a.k.a. Fish the Choir Guy

Choirs warm up so they SING well. Choral Directors, Corona Choir is your daily warm up to LEAD well. Choristers, Parents of young Singers, Friends, Supporters and Audience Members of choral music, get ready to be informed and inspired. Join host Steve Fisher, or Fish the Choir Guy as his South African friends call him, at the juncture of Covid-19 and choir. Whether you're involved in a choir at a school or university, a community based program, a professional ensemble, or a place of worship, Corona Choir will help you survive, succeed and flourish as we endure together the ongoing pandemic. You'll hear from choral folks of all kinds, from all over the United States, and around the globe to tell us what we need to know. We'll learn from medical experts who can update and guide us so we can keep our choristers safe. Most importantly of all, we'll hear from Singers themselves, to know how they're feeling, so we can serve them better. If you join the Corona Choir email list, you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win an ALL EXPENSE PAID trip to the one place in the world that should be at the top of every person on the planet's bucket list - and especially choral folks...SOUTH AFRICA! To sign up, go to

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