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Winning Awards with Donna O'Toole

Donna O'Toole

Join award-winning entrepreneur and awards expert Donna O’Toole as she reveals everything you need to know about winning awards. In honest and open interviews with award winners, judges, and the organisers behind the world's most loved awards, Donna reveals how to raise your profile with real-life awards stories, the latest awards trends, the do’s and don’ts of entering awards, what makes a winner, and more! Discover how the awards industry has reacted to the challenges of the pandemic, and find out what to expect as we head into a new era of awards and recognition so that you have the best chance of becoming a winner.As the founder of August Recognition, she has helped hundreds of businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, and leaders across the world to raise their profile by winning awards and achieving outstanding recognition for their achievements. Named one of the world’s top 25 Customer Experience Influencers, and recognised for her outstanding contribution to national and international awards judging, Donna is known for her unrivalled success rate in the most prestigious industry awards in the world, including The Queen's Awards for Enterprise, The Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards, UK and International Customer Experience Awards, ScaleUp Awards to name a few. Donna's work has resulted in some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs, business leaders, VIPs, and charity champions receiving personal recognition (MBE to knighthood) from Her Majesty The Queen via the honours system, as well as major industry leadership awards. If you want to become the Key Person of Influence or leading brand in your sector, it's time to stop waiting and start winning!
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