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Tokyo Paralympic 1500m Gold Medalist | Nate Riech

May 31, 2022 Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal Episode 87
Inspired Soles
Tokyo Paralympic 1500m Gold Medalist | Nate Riech
Show Notes

Nate Riech is one of the biggest names to emerge in Canadian Para athletics in the past few years. He burst onto the international scene in 2018 with world record performances in the 800m and 1500m and since then has continued to lower his own records in the men’s T38 category. Last summer in his Paralympic debut in Tokyo, Nate earned a gold medal for Canada in dominant fashion in the 1500m (3:58.92), letting out a victorious roar at the finish line that made Canadians proud. 

A freak accident on the golf course at the age of 10 resulted in a brain injury which affected the right side of Nate’s body and changed the course of his life. Doctors said he may never walk without a limp, but this only fueled Nate’s desire to work hard and make it to the top of sport like he’d witnessed so many others do in his unusually athletic family. 

Shortly after recording this conversation, Nate was awarded the Para Ambulatory Athlete of the Year (Arnold Boldt Award) by Athletics Canada. We think it’s safe to say that at just 27 years old, Nate has a very promising career ahead and it will be exciting to follow along with him on the track, as well as with everything he’s doing to further the Para Sport movement.

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Resources we discussed in the episode:

  • Nate's gold medal performance in Tokyo
  • Favourite Mantra: Tucker Strong; I’m tougher than anyone; Relax & smooth
  • Favourite track to Run on: NAU's track in Flagstaff
  • Bucket List Race/Event: New York, Hayward Field
  • Favourite Running Movies: Prefontaine, Running Brave (the story of Billy Mills)
  • Favourite Post Run Indulgence: Butterfinger Blizzard from Dairy Queen , glass of wine

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