Wrestling Winedown

Rolling Loud - Wrestling Winedown

July 23, 2021 Wrestling Winedown
Wrestling Winedown
Rolling Loud - Wrestling Winedown
Show Notes

Grab your glass of wine and get ready to tap in! On this episode, Lo is joined by wrestling merch creator Alexis Littlefoot, wrestling enthusiast Lovely Laveaux and Gram of the Public Enemies Podcast! The group discuss:

  • The recently announced partnership between WWE and Rolling Loud, one of the largest hip-hip music festivals in the world.
  • Which WWE Superstars should be present at the Rolling Loud segment of Smackdown.
  • Our fantasy bookings of which musicians versus WWE Superstars should face-off.
  • Which musicians we could ideally see getting involved via a promo during Smackdown.

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