Wrestling Winedown

Diversity & Representation In WWE & AEW - Wrestling Winedown

October 28, 2021 Wrestling Winedown
Wrestling Winedown
Diversity & Representation In WWE & AEW - Wrestling Winedown
Show Notes

Fill up that wine glass, we're gettin' serious ! On this episode, Lo is joined by Phil Lindsey, Iridian Fierro and Court Kim, three POC wrestling fans and content creators, to speak candidly about diversity and representation in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The group discusses:

  • The stereotypical storylines WWE has shown on their programming throughout the years and if there was an outcry from fans on these inappropriate instances during that time period where quick social media websites like Twitter were not around yet.
  • The diversity in WWE now versus when we started watching in the 90's and 2000's.
  • How women of color are showcased on WWE television and if we are content with this representation.
  • The lack of POC champions that have been showcased in the WWE and how we feel about this.
  • AEW's promise of diversity during their initial press conference and if they have stuck to their word almost two years later.
  • Brandi Rhodes' involvement with AEW as Chief Brand Officer and the disdain she has received from fans online .

and much more!

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