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Adrien Salomon

This podcast is for everyone trying to learn how to make money, save money, invest money and retirement planning. My mission however is to simplify these topics in order to help everyday folks, inner city kids, kids of many backgrounds, college graduates who want to know what's next and the parents stuck in deciding should they save for retirement or save for their kids college. As kids we should be thought about saving our money in ways that our money can grow and work us, we should be thought that retirement is not something you think about at 40, actually you can decide to retire at 40 if you do things right early. my dear parents, we worry so much about our kids that we forget about us, why can't we do both? Through this podcast we will be able to answer all those questions and many more topics. So join me as we leave broke behind and get financially woke.If you ever wanted to ask any questions, please email me at adriensalomon@dontbebrokebewoke.com or visit the @dontbebrokebewoke instagram page for daily content.https://linktr.ee/dontbebrokebewoke