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Illinois STAR NET provides a variety of opportunities for personal and professional growth for those who touch the lives of young children, ages birth through eight, with an emphasis on children with special needs. STAR NET supports family-centered, researched and effective practices in early childhood education and care.In this podcast series, produced by STAR NET Regions I&III, we provide various informational episodes focused on our workshops, current topics, and other concepts focused on working with young children with special needs.

Recent Episodes

One Family's IFSP ExperienceMarch 01, 2021 Episode artwork Am I Failing as a Mother? February 15, 2021 Episode artwork A Sibling's Perspective February 08, 2021 Episode artwork Family Series: Inside Our NormalFebruary 01, 2021 Episode artwork Family Series: Don't Take 'No' for an Answer. Advocate for Your Child. January 25, 2021 Episode artwork Professional and Family Series Combined: We Are On a Silent JourneyJanuary 18, 2021 Episode artwork Professional Series: Just Say "Hi, how are you doing?" (Speech Therapist) January 11, 2021 Episode artwork Family Series: Same Destination, Just Taking the Scenic RouteJanuary 04, 2021 Episode artwork The Project Approach with All ChildrenDecember 29, 2020 Episode artwork Dr. Erin Barton: Supporting all Children Using Effective Practices December 21, 2020 Episode artwork Successful Teaming and Planning in Early Childhood ClassroomsDecember 17, 2020 Episode artwork Family Series: "She Speaks Well for a Poor Black Child"December 15, 2020 Episode artwork What to add to my manipulatives?: An Essential Toolkit for Early Childhood TeachersDecember 11, 2020 Episode artwork Working with Children and Families Living in Poverty December 09, 2020 Episode artwork Trauma Continued (Part 2)December 03, 2020 Episode artwork What is Trauma (Part 1)December 01, 2020 Episode artwork How to Talk to Children About Race: 5 Strategies November 27, 2020 Episode artwork Coaching with Powerful InteractionsNovember 24, 2020 Episode artwork Making Remote Learning Engaging in Early Childhood Environments November 21, 2020 Episode artwork STEAM: What is it? What does it look like in Early Childhood? November 18, 2020 Episode artwork The Seven Stages of Children's Writing DevelopmentNovember 11, 2020 Episode artwork Let's Go For a Walk TogetherNovember 04, 2020 Episode artwork Using Visual Supports for All ChildrenOctober 28, 2020 Episode artwork Transitions for BeginnersOctober 21, 2020 Episode artwork Remote Learning With Confidence: A Podcast for Families October 19, 2020 Episode artwork