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Sana Sana: Latinos en Public Health

Young Professionals Committee of the Latino Caucus for Public Health

The Latinx Young Professionals Development Committee is part of the Latino Caucus for Public Health ( Our mission is to represent and advocate for the professional interests of young professionals in the Latino public health community, both within and outside the American Public Health Association. The podcast will focus on Latinos working in Public Health and their professional and personal journey as well as career advice for young professionals. The idea is that young Latinx professionals will be able to gain some insight from other Latinx professionals. Since our community has so many first-generation students/professionals, it can be difficult and lonely figuring it out on our own. This podcast will give the next generation an opportunity to hear from people forging their path through this field. It will weave together life stories with professional and academic advice. Artwork by: Tracy Rhine - Donate to the Student Scholar Fund here: