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Reinvention Rebels

Wendy Battles

What if you could hear stories of wise women who have STOPPED apologizing for having big dreams and STARTED boldly pursuing them? What if you could see a part of yourself in their stories? And what if that sparked new possibilities for your own life, moving you closer to your dreams and desires, whether you’re 50 or 90, or somewhere in between? Welcome to Reinvention Rebels. Stories of unapologetic women, 50-90 years young, who have boldly reimagined life, on their own terms, to find new purpose and possibilities. These women don't have all the answers but they're figuring it out. They've got interesting, insightful, and inspiring stories to share. They are up to amazing things - living life with joy and purpose. These Reinvention Rebels are going for it, not holding back, claiming joy, unabashedly glowing, and embracing being older with reckless abandon! At 55 I’m embracing my inner Reinvention Rebel and I have a hunch, that you just may be too, no matter your age. I invite you to join me on this journey every other Friday. Let’s become Reinvention Rebels together.
Courageous and Bold Reinvention Rebels: Season 3 Highlights Episode!June 17, 2022 Episode artwork Midlife Reinvention: How I Got My GED at 43 and Became a Best Selling Author at 52 with Jill CarlyleJune 02, 2022 Episode artwork Reinventing 50: The Show Must Go On – From Opera Singer to Mental Fitness Coach with Franzie Jean-LouisMay 19, 2022 Episode artwork Reinventing Entrepreneurship - Innovation, Improvisation & Figuring S**t out at 61 with Ellen Feldman OrnatoMay 05, 2022 Episode artwork Reinventing My 80s: How I Thrive at 89 - Curiosity, Community & Connection with Elaine BattlesApril 21, 2022 Episode artwork Recipe for Reinvention: Don't Go it Alone - How to Build Your Reinvention Dream Team! April 07, 2022 Episode artwork Reinventing and Almost 80: How I Created an Award-Winning Travel Podcast with Lea LaneMarch 24, 2022 Episode artwork Reinventing My 50s: Self-Compassion is My Superpower with Dr. Ellen AlbertsonMarch 10, 2022 Episode artwork Running to Reinvent: Newbie Runner at 55, Global Marathoner at 71 with Mary NewellFebruary 24, 2022 Episode artwork Recipe for Reinvention: Reinventing Yourself Means Learning to Let GoFebruary 10, 2022 Episode artwork Reinventing My 50s: Creating Community & Cultivating Joy with Tracie MomieJanuary 27, 2022 Episode artwork Reinventing 62: From Courtroom Counselor to Community Collaborator with Michelle St JaneJanuary 13, 2022 Episode artwork Bold, Fierce & Unapologetic Midlife Reinvention Stories: Reinvention Rebels Season 2 Highlights December 01, 2021 Episode artwork Recipe for Midlife Reinvention: Launching a National Beauty Brand at 56 with Angel CorneliusNovember 17, 2021 Episode artwork My Midlife Reinvention in Spain: From Academia to the Oprah of Menopause with Lori TharpsNovember 03, 2021 Episode artwork How I Reinvented My 50s, 60s & 70s to Manifest My Dreams with Janet LuongoOctober 20, 2021 Episode artwork Camp Reinvention: Helping Women 50+ Change Their Careers by the End of the Year with Dana HilmerOctober 06, 2021 Episode artwork Accelerate Your Reinvention Journey with Commitment, Purpose & PassionSeptember 22, 2021 Episode artwork How I Reinvented 61: Pivots & New Possibilities with Kim Boudreau SmithSeptember 08, 2021 Episode artwork Reinvention at 61: Liberated and LIT! with Ife Michelle GardinAugust 25, 2021 Episode artwork Reinventing My 70s: Modeling at 72, Kickboxing at 74 with Carolyn DoellingAugust 11, 2021 Episode artwork Reinvention at 70: Purpose, Persistence & Positivity with Barbara HealyJuly 28, 2021 Episode artwork Flex Your Muscle, Find Your Courage & Reinvent Your LifeJuly 14, 2021 Episode artwork How I Reinvented Myself as a Published Author at 62 with Arlene WalkerJune 30, 2021 Episode artwork 50 is the New 50: Live BOLD with Loukia MastrodimosJune 16, 2021 Episode artwork