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Reinventing My 80s: How I Thrive at 89 - Curiosity, Community & Connection with Elaine Battles

April 21, 2022 Wendy Battles/Elaine Battles Season 3 Episode 8
Reinvention Rebels
Reinventing My 80s: How I Thrive at 89 - Curiosity, Community & Connection with Elaine Battles
Show Notes

What if your 80s included ample amounts of art appreciation, community involvement, and pursuing those things that light you up?

What if being 89 meant vibrant living, memoir writing, and inspiring others about what's possible?

This is the story of my very special guest, my mom, Elaine. ❤️

In addition to mom, I also call her an almost-90 phenom.

She is quite the Reinvention Rebel.

She's excited about life and new possibilities.

She's not afraid to carve a new path.

She's taken cool classes like memoir writing to curate and leave behind our family history.

She's a patron of the arts, stimulating her mind with new ideas and experiences.

She's reinvented herself many times in many different ways over the years. And she's got some wonderful, sage words to share including:

✳️ Why role models are key to her development and her ongoing reinvention journey
✳️ How we can reinvent ourselves throughout our life, no matter our age
✳️ Why reinvention can happen in both big and small ways
✳️ How her curiosity has expanded her life to see new possibilities
✳️ Why you shouldn't be afraid to take chances
✳️ How she's leaned into her interests to support her many reinventions

And so many more stories of self-discovery, resilience, and family history.

I couldn't help but soak up our family stories, learning some new things along the way. We laughed, tried not to cry, and delighted in this shared mother-daughter experience. A precious conversation I'm honored to have had and will always cherish. 🥰

Sit back, lean in, and take a listen to this special episode about what's possible when we lean into curiosity and approach life with a sense of wonder and appreciation.

Mom reminds me that there are endless possibilities to find joy, practice self-love and lean into our abundant gifts and talents.

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