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Reinvent Yourself: Why You Should Do It Scared and Do It Anyway! | How to Take Action in the Midst of Your Fears

February 23, 2023 Wendy Battles Season 5 Episode 2
Reinvention Rebels
Reinvent Yourself: Why You Should Do It Scared and Do It Anyway! | How to Take Action in the Midst of Your Fears
Show Notes

Have you felt apprehensive about making that leap into something new as you reinvent yourself?

Ever talk yourself out of it because you're scared of how things might unfold and where you'll land?

I've been there before. In fact, more  times than I'd like to admit. 😉

But every time I muster the courage to take that leap toward something, it always works out.

I'm stronger and braver than I think and SO ARE YOU.

When we "do it scared" - whatever that "it" is for you - we open up a world of possibilities to learn and grow in new and empowering ways.

And don't you agree that doing it scared is better than not doing it at all? 😁

Season 5's theme is simple - Do It Scared and Do It Anyway!

In this episode, I'm breaking down the "Do It Scared" mindset to help move you along your reinvention path. And I'm spilling the beans on my own do it scared gremlins that have held me back in the past (happily, not so much anymore!)

Tune in to learn:

✳️ What it means to "do it scared" (it's not as daunting as you think!)
✳️ Why acknowledging our fears is so important
✳️ Why you need both a compelling "why" AND the ability to do it scared to realize your dreams
✳️ How I've worked through my own do it scared mindset
✳️ Two questions to get you into action as you reinvent yourself

There's lots of inspiration in this short episode to get you thinking about how to do it scared.

And it's a preview of my Do It Scared Toolkit that I'll be sharing in a few weeks!

Ready to take a leap in your reinvention journey and remind yourself that you're braver than you think?

This do it scared reinvention episode is for you!

Mentioned in this episode:

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