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Embracing Silver Hair and Midlife Reinvention: A Conversation with Tangled Silver Magazine Publisher Robin Salls

April 27, 2023 Wendy Battles/Robin Salls Season 5 Episode 11
Reinvention Rebels
Embracing Silver Hair and Midlife Reinvention: A Conversation with Tangled Silver Magazine Publisher Robin Salls
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If you're a midlife or older woman, you've probably spent time contemplating the greying of your hair - good, bad and everything in between.

Whether you're joyfully going grey, contemplating what's next for your hair or  coloring it, you will love what I'm sharing today.

In this episode, I have a fascinating conversation with Robin Salls, the founder of the first-ever magazine for silver-haired women, Tangled Silver.

We discuss the importance of community, self-acceptance, and embracing the aging process. We also explore the inspiring stories of women who have embraced their silver hair and redefined themselves in midlife.

Join us as we delve into the empowering journey of reinvention and the endless possibilities that await those who choose to embrace change and growth at any age.

Tune in to hear:

✅ What inspired Robin to go grey  (and how her hair is healthier than ever before!)
✅ Why Robin started Tangled Silver  and the powerful lessons she's learned as she's reinvented herself as a magazine publisher
✅ Why going grey can be an empowering experience for midlife women
✅ How Robin is helping women embrace their grey hair with joy (this ain't your grandma's grey!)
✅ How women are supporting each other in the silver community, encouraging self-acceptance and embracing aging

Our conversation is powerful and life-affirming. We can navigate our midlife hair and changes with joy, not trepidation.

Don't miss this episode full of inspiration, motivation, and valuable insights to help you navigate your midlife hair journey.

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Women are uplifting one another, which we all know sometimes women can be a little catty with one another. But in this silver community, I see more women lifting each other and encouraging each other to embrace themselves, celebrate one another, and let's inspire everybody to be totally accepting whatever you wanna do. We're not anti color. We're just anti anybody telling us we have to color to be relevant. And there's a bonding that kind of comes out of that boldness of being like, I'm doing me now and spent a lot of years doing everybody else or whatever else told me I should do that this is finally my time and it starts usually with a little bit of that hair courage and then kinda expands into everything else that we're doing. Welcome to Reinvention Rebels. Stories of brave and unapologetic women fifty to ninety years young who have boldly reimagined life on their own terms to find new purpose and possibilities. I'm your host, Wendy Battles. Ready for a dose of inspiration? Let's get to it. I am so excited about my guest today, fifty five year young Robin Salls. Robin's done something that I think about a lot at 58 - embracing my gray hair. In January 2021, looking for community where none existed, Robin created the first ever magazine tangled silver for silver haired women. She wanted to help women embrace aging and feel empowered to find their tribe. Two years later, she's on a role having published ten issues and featuring amazing, silver haired women.

The journey to navigating our changing hair, not to mention, our midlife bodies and skin is no joke. We all know our hair is a big deal throughout our life. Some of us embrace silver hair, others, well, we're trying to figure it out, myself included. Each of us are finding our way and uncovering what's right for us. Is it powerful to have help along the way? And realize, you're not alone? I love that Robin's created a space to normalize this natural part of aging and to showcase the freedom that comes with embracing our bodies and ourselves just as we are. I'm excited about this reinvention conversation.

Robin Sall's welcome to the Reinvention Rebels Guest Chair. Oh my gosh. Thanks, Wendy. I'm so happy to be here. I love how we connected on Instagram and somehow started following each other and that led to conversation. And then we said, oh, we have so much synergy between us. Let's collaborate, so I'm so excited to invite you on, and I bet you can imagine, Robin, that I have a whole host of questions for you about your reinvention journey, and I wanted to begin with something pretty basic.

What inspired you to not only go gray, but to reinvent yourself as a magazine publisher for silver haired women? Well, you know, that probably goes back all the way to my childhood in a sense. I knew I would be silver or white at some point. I had a grandmother who rocked her white hair and was always so energetic and full of life. So I wasn't afraid of going gray. I just didn't expect to do it until I was like, seventy, eighty, maybe ninety. And at twenty six, I found some grays and I had a stepfather at the time who is no longer a stepfather, maybe this is why, and made the comment above me during a family photo that if I didn't color my hair, I was gonna look older than my mother. What twenty six year old woman wants to hear that you're gonna look older than your mother. So I kinda struggled and hid it for all those years. And then twenty eighteen came around and I was just really tired of it kind of bored and I was noticing that a lot of younger women were coloring their hair silver purposely. And, you know, made a comment to my daughter that I was thinking about going silver, and would she be okay with that? Because her wedding was, like, nine months out. And I thought, well, I managed to wait till after the wedding. And my daughter looked at me and just said, oh my god, mom, girls, my age are paying for it, just do it. And I was like, all in. Love that. All in to go silver.

And the the magazine piece, kinda thought the thing. Again, childhood, I was always big in the magazines. I had teen magazines out the Wazoo. And when I wanted to look for inspiration, there weren't as many accounts with SilverSisters back in twenty eighteen as there are now, but I was looking in fact in a few here and there, but I really wanted a magazine, and I was kinda mad that when you went into salons, there were magazines for hairstyles, for everything else, but not for somebody wanting to go silver and wanting to see somebody that rocks it, not this little old grandma that looks all, you know, he dull and boring, I could think of with gray. So I kind of said, well, there's not one out there, so I'm just gonna throw one together.

I love how you said just throw it together because I know it's a lot more work than that, but I really like how one you trusted your gut about you have this feeling. It was the time for you and you wanted to do this. And you went with it and then combined it with this idea and this passion about magazines. Like, you already like this, you're like, And there isn't anything that looks like me because I think that representation part is so key that we all wanna see a reflection of ourselves in some way, shape, or form, and I appreciate that you said, well, if it doesn't exist, I'm gonna create it. Yeah. Well, you know, there's so many times where, like, we just don't you know, you you wanna see something visit the almost makes it okay to see it. And when you don't see it, you're like, does that mean it's not okay to do it? And the message around gray for so long has been, you gotta you gotta fight it.

You gotta stay young, you can't go gray. And so I was kinda mad that there wasn't anything that really showed those silver sisters rocking it with long hair, short hair, it didn't matter whatever style you like, but just the grave really being embraced and welcomed and Yeah. It was time. It was time. I think it does that such a great example for those of us that are like, I can see it's coming in and I go back and forth and a little grown for a while, then I'm like not yet, so it does normalize it. And also, these women are stunning. So many women wear gray and silver so beautifully, and and it makes me think, oh, okay. I see that. So then I think, well, then maybe I got word in an okay way too.

I think when you see more women, like, the images originally are kind of the the little older lady and pain and crutch to over hair up in the cute little bun. And then suddenly you're seeing all these women that a have either Spiky fun, Sassy haircut, so they've got long, flowing, silver, silver hair. Like for myself, I never have longer hair than I have now. It was never this long and healthy as it is now that it's silver and I'm fifty five. Then all the years of teenagers and twenties and thirties. I mean, it's just you just don't get to see those images as often. So I think the especially the women are magazine, it really kinda holds to hope that, like, this is not your grandma's gray, but it's beauty. It's so not your grandma's gray. And I think you're right. There are so many different styles just like we style our hair now in all kinds of different ways, there's so many ways to do that's incredibly becoming, you know, just really attractive.

So I am so all in on this idea and and the magazine. I think it's interesting because so often in midlife for some women confidence can be a challenge. And sometimes women have this idea, oh, I feel like I have this inkling about something that maybe I could reinvent myself, but I'm really not sure how to go about doing it. So I think it's very interesting that you gave yourself only three weeks not three months, not three years, but three weeks to publish your first issue. The concept you had to the finished product, which I really can't even imagine. You know what I feel like it has a lot to do with my theme for this season this year with reinvention rebels, do it scared, and do it anyway. What gave you the confidence to make this really ambitious goal happen in three weeks. So, you know, I I like to challenge myself and I work best under pressure.

And so I knew I wanted to do the magazine, and I kept thinking about it and thinking about it. And I finally came to the point where, like, I either just have to announce do it to get a dinner. I'm just gonna spend too much time thinking about it because that's that's scared, like, what if nobody else likes it? What if nobody reads it? What if so I just literally did. I went on I went on my Instagram account time that was to my private Instagram tangled silver account and just said, hey, in three weeks January, I think it was the fifteenth. I'm tangled silver magazine that's gonna launch.

And my husband came upstairs because he had been downstairs at the time. He says, did you just see that you posted your your lunch and a magazine in, like, three weeks? So it's like, uh-huh. And he went, do you know what you're doing? I'm, like, kinda I was, like, have you even have you talked to anybody? I was, like, no. I got a list of the girls I wanna call right now. The woman I wanna call that I've been following. He's just, like, just shook his head and went, okay, and just turned it downstairs because he knows better than to question me any farther than that.

Once I put it under, it's gonna happen. You believed in yourself? You're like, I I have the passion. I have this idea. I've got at least a short to people I can call. I mean, how did you pull it together so quickly in three weeks? Like, what are some of the things you did to make it happen? And I'm asking that because so often people have an idea, but they get paralyzed with fear. And they're not willing to kind of take that leap. Like, you took this leap and you trusted yourself obviously to be able to do this. So what are some of the things that you did to kinda once you said, I'm gonna do it, what happened after that?

Well, there were a lot of a lot of email email messages, Instagram messaging to women. Right? And back then, I mean, twenty eighteen, there wasn't the amount of women that there are right now. So when you were Instagraming or not Instagram yeah. Instagraming somebody met a messenger, they were more likely to see it because they weren't getting bombarded by thousands of messages or followers or all the stockers. You know you know the names. A lot of times now, women are more picky about what they look at in their inbox is because of all the craziness that can be out there. But in twenty twenty, it really wasn't the case. And so I spent a lot of time just reaching out to the women via messengers, coming down their step, and then said, hey, I've got this idea. I'd love to chat with you about it. So that was the initial way that it kinda I got picked.

And I was very particular with the women I did because they were women I was following at the time. The magazine was pretty much all long hair that first ish too. Otherwise, the my cover gal was this beautiful woman with curly, curly hair. She's amazingly gorgeous. And I knew I wanted her for my cover. She was just have this energetic smile, this personality. So, I mean, I went I started with her. I was like, hey, and I was so lucky that she jumped on board and went, yes, I'm all in.

I was developing the relationships with those women. Like, we really didn't know at that point in time. I knew I wanted to share stories, but I didn't know how to go about that. So the first issue was really more about just giving you the visuals of women rocking their silver hair. And then after the first issue, I actually went live and went, oh, how can we do it? I can do this. Then I started focusing on what I really wanted to do. The message, I really wanted to go deeper into the stories and share more than just their gorgeous silver hair. I wanted you to hear the how, when, why, reasons behind what what they were doing.

And then we wanted to add the entrepreneurial section because when you talk about the reinventing stuff yourself, you know, a lot of us gets to fifty and everybody goes, oh, life is kind of over big yet at the same time when you're in your fifties, a lot of us are discovering that no, we really are. Be reinventing in rebels. Right? Like, we're starting find new cash and kids are grown out of the house and all of a sudden these things that you maybe couldn't do beforehand because of all your other commitments. Suddenly the door is open and you kinda get to go like, oh, I get to be now. And so that was really a big part of it for me. It was it was it was wanted to share the entrepreneur side of it to kinda give you a piece of it and just not just about hair. Right? A lot of times people think, oh, it's just about hair. It's it's not. It's about the whole lifestyle that comes with us in our fifties.

I like to call the silver life style because it's fifty plus. It's silver hair. It's silver inspirations. It's midlife. It's dealing with all the things that come along. And again, it is. We are totally reinventing ourselves, whether it's in business, whether it's personal. Some of us are going through divorces and getting married, some of it's a career change that's gonna happen, sometimes it's your health that's menopause. I mean, oh my goodness. Lord knows menopause effects all business so many different ways that we were never taught about as we were growing up. So it really is a total reinvention package that you're doing. And I just felt like we had to address all of that in the magazine that spoke to women buying four silver haired women that Azure walked in the talk and knew about it, you know, to tell you about it. So if not somebody that's like twenty going, oh, what's that look like? I mean, we're we're the women that are in there going through, the hair care, the comments that we get because as much as you sometimes get encouraged with you, also get a lot of negative, like, why are you going You know, you're too young to go gray. Yeah. The whole package just kinda I'll come together.

I love how you talked about how to evolve. That you got out there, you had a a vision for the first issue. You were building relationships. So you reached out these people that, you know, you're interested in that you were talking to, so I like the relationship part of it as you because that to me, that's part of the community that you've been building. But then also how it evolves, because I think that so many times we might get out there and start something and we invent ourselves, but that it's really an ongoing journey that it's not just Okay. There we go. I'm done. But with you, you're evolving. Your your vision is changing. It's broadening. That's I hear you saying from the initial issue to now here you are working on your eleventh issue and all kinds of other things that you've included.

So I I like that idea and reminding women that we can always continue to evolve, which is what I say even about being a Lancaster. Like, I've grown so much. I've changed so much since I got started and like you didn't really know. I mean, you had already done magazines before, but yeah, I didn't really know what I was doing, but I figured it out. And I continue to evolve. I think that's also a part of this idea reinvention that we can have a reinvention within reinvention. Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, it's never you you spot on where with it.

You made the comment, you know, it's not it's not ever ending. It's evolving. Because a lot of women, especially when they when you're and just our hair. They get to a point, they go, oh, I'm completely silver now wet. They're like, I'm done. And I was like, well, are you really done? Because what you are? Are you silver today are probably not gonna do what they are ten years from now. And then are you really ever done evolving in life? I mean, every single cycle we keep something keeps changing within us rather than just your your energy, your health, there's just all like you said, always evolving. It's a continual ride. Yeah. And when you can seize that as so many of these women are doing. And I think their stories are encouraging. Right? When you interview them and they share their story about their hair journey, but then also these other things they're doing, it certainly can spark something in others.

Which brings me to my next question, which is about community because it feels like you've created this really tight knit community of silver haired women. Why is community so key when you're on this silver haired journey? Well, I think community is key in all sorts of aspects of life, but I think when it comes to this silver community, I think where it really plays into it is that we were all Fed these stories, kind of spoon fed stories about getting older and going prey for women was not a thing, and that we were supposed to stay young and keep our hair blonde if you're blonde, die, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Because that's the message society is sent to most women that, you know, ages That's not a not a beauty standard. Right? But, yeah, I feel like I mean, one of our things we've created was a hashtag that says I am silver beauty because I think it's really important that we all look at ourselves and acknowledge that within ourselves. And the community helps that.

When you see other women embracing their silvers and grays and actually walking out confidently and boldly with it. If you were kinda on the fence a little bit, like you kinda sort of you kinda make you go, oh. Uh-huh. Okay. I can do it too. And they and it's just like it's not like no other community is the best way to put it. That connection of kinda being a rebel, so to speak, how tie that in book. I love it. Little fun there. That that revel spirit of, like, I'm gonna go great regardless of what anybody else says about it and, you know, it's me. Take it or leave it.

I think that that really kind of bonds a lot of us together because it's this piece that, like, wow, I mean, women are uplifting one another, which we all know sometimes women can be a little catty with one another. But in this silver community, I see more women uplifting each other and encouraging each other to embrace themselves, celebrate one another, and let's inspire everybody to be totally accepting whatever you wanna do. We're not anti color. We're just anti anybody telling us we have to color to be relevant. And there's a bonding that kinda comes out of that boldness of being like, I'm doing me now and spent a lot of years doing everybody else or whatever else told me I should do, but this is finally my time. And it starts usually with a little bit of that hair courage and then kinda expands into everything else that we're doing. I love that it's this ripple effect that taking this action, this often bold action that might be unexpected for people or I only know so and so this way. And now they're going gray and and they look different, and I'm not used to that. So standing in our power and doing what we wanna do, I see how that is a gateway to than doing these other things because it's very empowering to say, this is what I wanna do, and I don't care which people think. So that is totally totally empowering to be able to say that to yourself. Yeah. And I and I feel like so many of us need that.

I mean, you know, we can be empowered in many different ways in midlife. That's one of many ways that we can do that, but I think that it's such a great example because I think so many times in midlife because as we know, we might have been, you know, parents or we're busy with our careers or we're doing what ever we're doing that is often focused on other people and generally for most of us not enough on ourselves. We're, you know, we already know, we're all givers generally and doing for others. I think it's also part and parcel of this idea that this is my time. However, that might manifest. It's my time to focus on what I want because I'm kinda sick of trying to please everybody else. Hey, rebels.

This conversation that I'm having today with Robin, so much of this is about finding our courage, finding our place getting comfortable with who we are in midlife, In this case, getting comfortable with our hair, however that shows up for us, whether we've gone grey or thinking about going great like me or for like I won't go great for a long time, it doesn't matter. But taking a step to do something different it can't be a little scary. But we also know that on the other side of our fear, when we do it scary, I'd do it anyway. So much possibility lives over there. If you're a little unsure about wherever you are right now, whether it's about your hair or something else and you're navigating midlife and trying to figure it out, I have to encourage you to check out my dude, scared. Do it anyway, cheat sheet. It's some simple questions to get you thinking about how you can take a look at those fears and begin to move past them as you reinvent. Of course, it's free. You can download it and get busy, begin to brainstorm. And get inspired. Details, of course, are in the show notes.

One is women. We're kind of meant, you know, we're we're broad to be the nurturers and to take care of everybody else first. It's like that concept, you know, if you're on the airplane and they tell you based you know, they dropped the oxygen mask, put it put it on yourself first. At your first instinct, because the mother is like, well, not gonna put in my kids first, gotta take care of my kids my babies first. Right? But again, it you put it on them first and you pass out, you might not get all of them. So you gotta put it on yourself first. And so it's that same kind of that same thought process, I think, of the whole just it is self love, and we don't women don't give ourselves enough self love. And so it is in mid like like like like you said, we kinda come to a place where kids are gone, we get to kind of define who we are.

For me, you know, I was always, hi. I'm Els mom. Hi. I'm Els mom. And something when my daughter graduated, we ramped nesters. It was, like, Oh, who do I get to be now? I get to be Robin. Back to say hey, I'm Robin. Oh, what does that look like though? What does Robin passionate about? What does Robin wanna share with the world at this point?

And it's definitely a confidence thing. Like, you have to kinda you're you're peeling off those layers that you packed on for so long because you've been somebody's husband, somebody's wife, some Well, not to me, his husband. You've you've been, you know, somebody's spouse. You're killing athlete, battle the layers of discovering who you really are and what you really wanna do.

Because somewhere along the lines of when we're in our youth, we're all about ourselves. Right? We wanna do this. We're gonna go do this. We're gonna go to college. We're gonna do this career. And then we start getting married and having families and we kinda get caught up in all that. And then midlife kinda gives us an even playing field again. Yeah. It really does. It's almost like a intentional do over if we choose to take up that mantle and figure it out.

Because if you point it it does require pulling back the layers and sometimes doing a lot of personal development work and tuning into our self awareness. And so my work is hard. It's not always easy to get to the other side where we can reinvent ourselves. But I always feel like if we are willing to go there and sometimes go through the muck to get to the other side. There are so many possibilities as evidenced by I'm gonna start a magazine for silver women or I'm gonna do whatever the you know, so many women doing so many amazing things. I've interviewed so many fierce women that are finding their stride in the fifties, in their sixties, seventies and beyond. So really at any age, I don't think because I know that we also all evolve at different times. Right? Some of us in our fifties, maybe we're still trying to figure it out, but in our sixties, like, we're on fire or our seventies. So always feel like there's endless possibilities for us if we so choose.

No. It would come a hundred percent agree with that. And I think it also comes at a time when you're ready when you're ready for it, like in my twenty or thirty's, I probably wouldn't have been ready to take on creating magazine for anything much less silver hair. Right? Then here we were. I mean, I went into this magazine where people are going, you do the magazine, you do know digital is the way to go now. Right? Everybody's doing digital and it was like, yeah. But I I still I I wanna do this. I need to do this. And if it, you know, again, it's jumping off, taking that leap of faith, and following your passion about something that you wanna do and believe in.

And I really believed in the fact that, like, I was struggling so hard to stay young because that's what some of my closest friends were, oh, we have to stay young. We're gonna die gonna go to the grave trying to be young. Right? And then it just got to a point where I was like, whoa. Whoa. Is that feeling my soul? Is that feeding my soul? Absolutely not. Was I getting fresh frustrated when commercial brands were trying to sell me, say, wrinkle cream and they're using a twenty year old, you know, heck at twenty. I didn't have wrinkles either. So why are they It was just very frustrating for me to see so many things that were anti women embracing, aging gracefully.

And so it just made sense. So I know Robin that I've spent so many years thinking about my hair, fighting with my hair, coming to really appreciate my hair. I feel like many of us have had that no matter what kind of hair we have, what kind of texture our hair is, whether it's too curly, it's too straight, it's too whatever. And I know that many of us have wrestled with this in different ways when we're younger and obviously as we age because I know also as we age the tech picture of our hair. Changes too. So it adds in a different variable.

So you tell so many amazing stories in the magazine about women and their silver journey. Can you share a few memorable stories about some of the women you featured that really in might in spire other women listening. There's been so many women that I've I've had the opportunity and blessed opportunities to meet and chat with. There's a woman cat she went through a a brain tumor situation with her. So her choice to color her her her her tries to not be color her hair and to go silver was really health related. And sometimes I love those stories because her choice has kind of taken away from her. Right? So she had to embrace it. And yet, she's come back and she has the most beautiful white silver hair now, and it's so healthy. So when you hear that she had a tumor and to shave her hair one more time, it's hard to imagine like, oh, no. That can't she's so full of life. Her hair is so absolutely beautiful. And there there's her story of that. I mean, she's just she's fabulous. And there's there's women like Angela Maison two seventy six who has beautiful white hair as well and was so motivated by her hair journey that she went out and created a product help as women rock their rock their silvers.

You know, the story has just continued to come come in and it just hurt a lot stores are just the way that way that made them feel about themselves. Right? Like, they were they were dealing with it. They didn't want it. They were tired of it. The appointments that were causing itching and scratching. I mean, for some people, the going to get it colored as often as you end up getting as you get older, a lot of them were coming down to, like, they were, like, two week windows of have been doing just sitting in a coloring chair for two hours to cover those grays and they were itching and scalps were red and it was all this nasty kind of like allergic reactions that were happening. And they finally just realized they were more valuable than trying to keep their hair a certain color and just release that. And then they amazingly have these these heads of strands that are now healthier than they've ever been. Like like I said to you, I have never had my hair this long and this healthy.

Went to a new stylist just a couple weeks ago because my stylist went on maternity leave and has did not come back. And the new stylist, look at me, she goes, wow. She goes, What did you do into your hair? It's so healthy. I was like, yeah. It's my hair stylist. She just told me I am She asked me how I do it by hairstyles. That's asking me how I got my hair so healthy, you know, because very rarely do, you know, you get to go to your stylist.

When you go and you have the conversation, I think I'm gonna go silver. And a a lot of them, there's some really great ones that will encourage you. But there's a lot of times you're gonna hear, are you sure you're gonna go gray? Yeah. Gray might make you look a little old. How about we just maybe highlight you a little bit and blend it? I mean, there's not that rush to be like, when you walk in your go of my I took them up a pink of my hair. They're like, yeah. You don't get that same response. You say I'm gonna go great. It's kind of the oh, are you sure about that? Yep. Kinda for the most part, there are some gray hair stylist out there that were the Rockets. So when I went to this gal and she was asking me how I took care of my gray hairs because it was super healthy. I was like, Lauren, I was just like I was I was like, pat myself on the back, like, yes. Okay. It's it does look healthy. When your hairstyle was touching, it's healthy. You know, it's healthy. You're not just telling yourself, it's healthy.

Like I said, it's hard to say because I've I've been just so many wonderful women from all ranges of everything. I mean, I love there's a gal in Russia. There's a gal who is in Germany, and they all deal with things differently than ever here. Like, where, like, the gal in Russia is younger. She's like, it she was in her twenties when I first met her. And she was embracing it because she just had so much of it naturally and she had been growing since she was like thirteen. But she had thought guys had to cover because it was so not welcomed over there at the time. So it was great getting a chat with her and getting her perspective from there now. She is like, she is like leading the charge in her country for letting gray become a little bit more acceptable, especially to the younger women and not just the older women. So it's just it's such a unique experience.

I mean, each and every one of these women, I wanna if I could give everybody a chance to read every single issue, I'd say, go back and do every single issue because each story is so uniquely their own. I I can see that. And I know what you mean about Angel because I interviewed her on the podcast back in, I don't know, maybe season two and She's fabulous. So fabulous. And I love when she was in the magazine, and she's got such an inspiring story about how she started this whole line of products for women with silver hair because in her kitchen Right. Yes. In her kitchen in her kitchen is It's such a great story both about her hair journey, but also what came out of that? Just like what's come out of it for you creating this really fantastic magazine. And I don't you know, for those of you that haven't heard a story, I'll link to it in the show notes, but it's so awesome. And again, So empowering and part of what I hear in you sharing some snippets about these really amazing women, Robin, is that they are all rebels.

They are all standing up and saying, this is who I am. And we kinda mentioned this earlier in that bold way. I love that because I feel like we don't have enough role models like that, where people feel good about themselves in their bodies. I think there's so many things about just aging that can feel discouraging based on the society in which we live and you have to really do a lot of inner work sometimes to appreciate your body, to appreciate what you have, that it's okay that it's changing. It's still beautiful and this is just another extension of that about accepting ourselves and leaning into love ourselves up more. So I can't help but love the message.

And the idea of -- Yeah. -- what you're doing. I I agree with you. I think that in in some ways each of these women, some of them go, we're not a rebel. I'm not a rebel, but it really does feel like leaving outside the box a little bit because we've been sold so long, you know, don't you know, get a color here, cover up the grays. Again, it's that self talk.

A lot of women when they start doing it. Like, I get asked a lot, like, oh, my hair, I shouldn't say ask it, like, stabs, oh, my hair would only look so like, yours should've silver. I would totally do it, but it but it doesn't. Or, you know, I just think I'm gonna be dull and boring. Well, I really wanna come back and say again that's a I am silver beauty message is a sense that what you say to yourself is what you project to the world, and I fully believe that. So if you feel your gray is dull and boring and ichy. You're walking out the door presenting in dull and boring inichy because that's what you're telling yourself, self before you even leave the door. But if you walk out and you're like Mike Silver's rock. I I own these things. Your whole energy level is completely different. Obviously, people are going, wow, your silvers are real shiny. It might not even really be that they're truly all that shiny, but your you're presenting yourself to the world like I got this. And I think that makes a huge difference.

And I think that even if you're not silver, women in in midlife in general, we have to start owning our midlife. We have to start taking ownership and going, you know what? It is okay to be getting a list part of life. We can't stop it. So let's embrace and celebrate it and inspire others to do the same thing. And then this whole thing of be getting older won't be so scary the way I feel like it's been presented to us. That is so true and seeing this idea that we can age in so many different ways, that we can age vibrantly, that we can age with silver or not silver or however we please, but that it definitely doesn't have to be this horrible thing that, you know, we've been told.

This whole line of thinking about, you know, older women in our value in society. And it's like, I don't think so. I can rocket. I can be fabulous. I can be healthy. I can be eighty five and healthy. And, you know, just be empowered and doing what I wanna do. So it's such a great message for all of us whether we're already sober or we're not sober at all or we're thinking about like me going back and forth.

But a lot of people do that. And the thing is I'll say, you know, you gotta do what's right for you. Someone said, I had friend really close friends in the beginning when I said, okay. I'm gonna let my my grades come in. They were like, oh, I can't do that with you. And I was like, well, I didn't ask you to do it with me. I'm I'm just letting you know that that's what I'm doing. And if I don't like it, I'll but I'm gonna give it a couple years and see what see what happens. And and I think that's the scary part. I think it's that when you when you asked me early about doing something scared, The silver thing was scary because I had spent so much time trying to cover them up.

And even though I knew at some point, I was I was not scared of silver itself. I was scared of what everybody around me would think about me going silver. And then I realized I didn't really need their approval with that anyways. And Who was I hurting? My silver my choice to have let my hair go silver wasn't forcing anybody to go silver with me. My mother said to me, oh, honey, I know your mother supposed to be silver before you, but I can't do it. And I was like, and that's okay. My mother now has the most gorgeous full head of silver. She joined me two years later on the journey and is completely a hundred percent silver now and rocks her over. Love that. I love it. Look at the influence you had. I love it. On your mom was like, okay. I'm I'm gonna do this. So, yes, we all we needed to give ourselves is permission. We don't need anyone else's permission just ourselves to do whatever we wanna do because I've gotten much more comfortable now as I'm kinda easing into it. I'm like, okay. Well, it's all Love it's upfront. But now when it comes out, I'm like, I do videos with it. I do, you know, whatever. So I'm just kind of easing into it. And I think that's really the key for any of us. It's just finding our stride in what feels good for us. And -- Right. -- and it it doesn't matter what that stride is. Like you like you were just saying, you're easing into it.

There are some someone that was there a wrong way to go silver? Is there a right way to go silver? No. There's just your way to go If you wanna do highlights to get there, go for it. If you wanna go all natural, go for it. If you wanna wear a wig to get there, go for it. It's however you are comfortable with getting to where your natural beauty comes from? Yes. If you had to give your reinvention journey a theme Robin. What would that be?

Reinvention was probably I am silver beauty. I I don't think I grew up not feeling very beautiful in a sense. I didn't didn't like me. I didn't the guy I thought it was too skinny at one point and then I was too heavy and then my hair was too dark. And then it was too light and then, you know, there wasn't a lot of positive self talk. So for me that I am silver beauty really resonates with me because I really can't do a place where I had to be able to be able to accept myself, all its faults and faults and good and bad myself and realize I'm beautiful in here. First and foremost, and that's where Casimo is in the heart space. Right? Like, if you're beautiful inside, and you have a heart of gold, you you can't go wrong. And so the I am so of beauty is really how I would describe my reinvention because it's a matter of defining beauty on my terms in inside outside the whole package. On my terms. That is what I love best, but that defining beauty on your terms, which is what I hope all of us can move forward even if we're not there now because to me it's like a continuum. We can always move forward at the right time when we feel good about that and you exemplify that so beautifully.

Robin, I am loving our conversation and I know other people were hearing this in just like, glued to this, like, oh my gosh, this magazine and what Robin is doing and all these women is really inspiring. So, of course, people wanna know where can they find you? Where can they find tangled silver magazine? How can they connect with you online? What are the easiest ways for people to find Robin Sails. Oh my gosh. Well, you can go to Instagram and Facebook. You can type in Robin Sails. I'll pop up there. You can type in tangled silver. My personal Instagram account is tangled silver because that's originally how it started. It was just to journey my silver, a hair journey before I decided to to the magazine. Magazine obviously tangled silver magazine. You can find that online as well on our website, all the social media channels. We're on Pinterest as well.

I mean, pretty much just type in and you'll you'll be directed to where you can find us. And I love it when people reach out to me. I mean, if you're if you're reaching out and know that you're chances are you're gonna get through to me directly because I really want to develop our community, and I think it's important for people to be touchable and for you to feel like you can reach out to us. You can pretty much just type it in, either the name or the magazine, and you'll find me some way. Thank you. And we've got all of that in the show notes, so you can just type and easily find Robin in all these different places.

Robin, I cannot thank you enough for joining me today for this fantastic conversation about your reinvention journey and the inspiring things that you're doing with the magazine and the community that you're creating because I feel like as we age, we all need more community and that kind of connection that sometimes is missing. So thank you for being amazing and doing this work and inspiring us. Well, thank you so much for I have, man, here because I love this show. The minute I saw the word rebels, I was like, oh, yeah, I need to file this woman. So thank you for what you're doing because you're also helping to inspire us to all take on those next chances and reinvent ourselves. Well, it takes a village. Right? And we're all part of it. So we're part of that midlife women village doing awesome things. So thank you, friend. Thank you for bracing me with your presence. Thank you so much too.

I loved this conversation with Robin. I hope you did too. I had so many takeaways And I think about that in the context of my own silver sort of journey. Right? I'm starting that journey, baby steps, and This just reinforced this idea that we can all find our way. That is possible for all of us. Yes, sometimes it's a little tough. We have to kind of figure it out in our own time, but there's so much possibility.

If you loved this episode, do me a favor if you would.

Share it with one or two women that you know would get so much from this too, who might need some inspiration or they're figuring out their own silver journey, or they might wanna know about the tangled silver magazine. Maybe there are these silver sisters I don't even know. So whoever those people are in your life that could benefit from this fabulous episode, please do me a quick favor. Take a couple of moments and forward it on to those people in your life that you know. Would love to listen. And if you really, really really love this episode, I'm gonna ask you to take a couple of moments and if you would rate and review it in Apple podcasts. It makes it easier for other people to find the reinvention bubbles podcast, and that's a whole idea. We wanna inspire as many people as possible to go after their reinvention dreams. I cannot wait to see you back here next week for another episode of the reinvention ripples podcast. Until then, keep shining your light, the world needs you an all that you have to offer.

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