Reinvention Rebels

Reinventing My 50s: Self-Reflection & Silence: How I Uncovered My Purpose at 54

November 20, 2020 Wendy Battles Season 1 Episode 5
Reinvention Rebels
Reinventing My 50s: Self-Reflection & Silence: How I Uncovered My Purpose at 54
Show Notes

This episode is about my life-long journey to find clarity and a deeper purpose. 

Some people quickly find their purpose. 

Their calling. 

What makes them shine.

Not me.  

It took what felt like forever. 

Things had to evolve. 

Sure, I was good at certain things. 

But I never felt like I had found that holy grail, my true purpose.

For some of us, finding our true purpose can take time.

A long time.

54 years of time, to be exact, in my case.

But it was totally worth the wait. 

The key: powerful self-reflection gained through a years-long personal development journey.

In this episode you will learn how reflection helped me:

  • get to know me like never before
  • slow my roll and spend less time being busy
  • create the space for self-discovery
  • get quiet and listen to my inner wisdom
  • reveal what I came here to do

And all that led to this -- Reinvention Rebels.

Amazing women, 50 to 90 years young who live on purpose.

And unapologetically fulfill their juiciest dreams and deepest desires.

It reminds me that we can reveal our purpose at any age. 

Who cares how old we are, let's just DO IT. 

Whatever that IT is.


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