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Actually Making America Great

Oliver Niehaus

This series is called Actually Making America Great. We aren't Democrat or Republican, but we try to find some common ground as we analyze 5 policies that we believe would have the most impact on the lives of the average American. These are typically issues you won't see talked about on the news or by your Congresspeople, but they should. Our goal with this video series is to make the case for these policies so that America can actually be Great. That only happens with your support. If you agree with this video, please like, subscribe, and share this video just about everywhere. And if you really, really liked it, call your Congressional representatives and make them get behind these five issues: End the Drug War, End the Foreign Wars, Implement Universal Healthcare, Create an Economy that is made for all Americans, and Get Money Out of Politics. Thank you to Naser Al-Fawakhiri for his outstanding work in helping to research and craft the material you heard in this series. Script written by Naser Al-Fawakhiri. Edited and narrated by Oliver Niehaus. This podcast is associated with The New Millennia news organization (