Whiskey and a Map: Stories of Adventure and Exploration as told by those who lived them. Podcast Artwork Image

Whiskey and a Map: Stories of Adventure and Exploration as told by those who lived them.

Michael J Reinhart

Imagine yourself seated in your favorite pub. A map lying out on the old wooden table. Whiskey liberally poured into your glass. Your guest places a finger on the map and begins “there I was …” These are true stories from expeditions and adventures as told by those who lived them. Hosted by Adventure Photo-Journalist Michael J. Reinhart.

Recent Episodes

Alex Chionetti. Explorations in the Andes mountains and Amazon jungle, lost Inca cities and the mysterious Tayos Caves.October 11, 2021 Episode artwork Jim Davidson: Surviving Mount Everest's deadliest disaster and the pleasures of rancid yak butter tea.August 03, 2021 Episode artwork Wayne White: Exploring New Guinea, science at the South Pole and death in the Amazon.July 16, 2021 Episode artwork Adventure film maker Peter Rowe: Tales of bandits in Timbuktu, giant anaconda in the Amazon, a poisonous volcano and running moonshine into Tennessee.July 02, 2021 Episode artwork Into the wild swamps in search of the truth behind the Bigfoot legends.June 07, 2021 Episode artwork Janey McGill. Exploring Arabia's legendary deserts, leadership and an encounter with the mysterious Jinn.April 25, 2021 Episode artwork Rod MacDonald's search for historical lost shipwrecks, extreme deep sea diving, and a wild boat ride in Scotland.March 06, 2021 Episode artwork War, Spirit Visions and the Lakota Sundance Ceremony. One mans search for meaning. February 20, 2021 Episode artwork The Spirits of Tribal Music: Trance dances, ancient spirits, exotic instruments; and don't forget rat for dinner.December 23, 2020 Episode artwork Tears of the Elephants: A life changing expedition into the jungles of the Island of Sumatra.December 06, 2020 Episode artwork Dr. John All. Life, death and the pursuit of science on Mount Everest.November 08, 2020 Episode artwork James Michael Dorsey: A rare glimpse into the life and customs of tribal people living deep in the wilds. Stories of tribal exorcisms, baboon hunts and holy men.October 17, 2020 Episode artwork Michele Westmorland and her adventures in Papua New GuineaOctober 04, 2020 Episode artwork