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She Believed He Could

Keanna Price

Wassup girlfriend! She Believed He Could is a declaration founded in Hebrews 11:1So grab your bibles as we read, “Now Faith, is the confidence in what we hope for and the assurance about what we do not see.” We are embracing the stumbles, examining the scriptures, while empowering our stories all for God’s glory. My name is Keanna and I am your host and Her Creative Faith mentor. Together we are minding our mindsets, working through the process, and believing in God for his promises. Listen sisss… We will be a community of women with faith today and if you are believing in God to move you beyond your old way of thinking. Meet us here as we trust God together! SHE BELIEVED HE COULD. Thank you for pressing play and remember to like, comment, and subscribe to this channel + share with all of your girls!!
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