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Alien Agenda

Tony Teora

The Universe is a fascinating place. Mankind is evolving. Isn’t it time for mankind to know the truth about its place in the universe? At Alien Agenda we plan to investigate the truth about man’s role in the universe. Is there an Alien presence on planet Earth? Is the an ‘Alien Agenda’ ? And if so, what is it? We believe mankind is not only ready for the truth, but that only through public disclosure will humanity evolve into a more spiritual species worthy of collaborating with extraterrestrial entities. Question: Should we only trust our governments to work with ETs? Will that be in mankind’s best interest?At the Alien Agenda podcast we will discuss information related to disclosure and allow the public to come to their own conclusions. Isn’t it time to finally learn the truth? The truth might set you free but first it must be discovered. Follow us as we work together to discover the truth and build a better society on planet Earth.