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Slam the Gavel is a podcast to discuss Family Court Issues, Support Court, Support-contempt conferences and hearings and Child Services issues. Advice on how parents can cope with these issues along with Parental Alienation. Based off the book, Dismantling Family Court Corruption, Why Taking The Kids Was Not Enough. This book can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Apple and Smashwords.dismantlingfamilycourtcorruption.comPodcast music provided by [email protected]

Recent Episodes

Tracy Kittle of the Hero's Circle discusses how Family Court contributes to children's physical and emotional well-being and her book, "Parental Alienation: The Aftermath"May 07, 2021 Episode artwork Lisa Johnson discusses "Been There Got Out,” and her Legal Abuse Support Group That Helps Others Deal With A Broken Family Court SystemMay 06, 2021 Episode artwork Trish Guise and her daughter, talk about divorce, coping with Parental Alienation, Depression and her Life GoalsMay 06, 2021 Episode artwork Carnell Smith, Author of, "TRAPPED BY LAW," won his own paternity fraud case after appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court by changing the law in his stateApril 29, 2021 Episode artwork Danica Joan, M.Ed is a Certified Family Mediator with the Florida Supreme Court and discusses educating professionals and guiding families through coachingApril 27, 2021 Episode artwork Christine Cocchiola, LCSW, Tenured Professor discusses Coercive Control and how it affects Domestic Abuse Victims and childrenApril 26, 2021 Episode artwork Trish Guise and her son Ty, talk about Coping Skills through Divorce and Parental AlienationApril 23, 2021 Episode artwork Kristine Smith discusses how having a Diagnosis of "Mental Illness," has been applied to her in order to Justify continuing their Pattern and Practice of Parent-Child Bond ObstructionApril 20, 2021 Episode artwork Andrew Folkler, Professional Writer who Specializes in Trauma, Personal Development, and Parental AlienationApril 18, 2021 Episode artwork Melanie Davis, author and publisher discusses The Triumph Book Series and Books she has PublishedApril 13, 2021 Episode artwork Cheryl A. Kennedy, author and return guest talks about the Military, Cuomo and Family CourtApril 08, 2021 Episode artwork Deanna Kloostra, Trauma/Torture Coach discusses the Corruption used by the Judiciary in Family CourtApril 08, 2021 Episode artwork Bailey Smith of Never Give Up Podcast discusses The Broken Judicial System and Domestic ViolenceApril 07, 2021 Episode artwork Dean Tong, MSc., Forensic Trial Expert Discusses the Field of False Child Abuse Allegations and Where Attorneys Fall ShortApril 06, 2021 Episode artwork Petra Deeter, Ph.D., filmmaker is passionate about creating social impact to advocate for victims of Parental Alienation and discusses Texas HB 2153April 05, 2021 Episode artwork Barbara Joy Hansen author of Listen to the Cry of the Child, gives a face to Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse TraumaApril 02, 2021 Episode artwork Evan Stark, Ph.D., MSW Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University discusses his book, "Coercive Control: The Entrapment of Women in Personal Life"March 30, 2021 Episode artwork PART FOUR: Crystal and friend Zachary on the show to talk about the perils of CPS, Guardianships and the Corrupt Family Court SystemMarch 22, 2021 Episode artwork Sheila from Ireland back on the show to discuss loss, grief and how corruption in Family Court Perpetuates Parental Alienation....More to FollowMarch 20, 2021 Episode artwork Davey from Darby, England back on the show to update us on life in the UK with his daughter, Covid and Coping SkillsMarch 20, 2021 Episode artwork Bjorn Cedervall, Ph.D., M.Sc., from Sweden talks about Parental Alienation, the problem with Social Services and the Legal System March 19, 2021 Episode artwork Philip Marcus, Judge (retired) of the Jerusalem Family Court Jurist discusses Family Court, ways Israel handles Parental Alienation Cases and disciplinary actions taken by the courtMarch 16, 2021 Episode artwork Elaine Cobb discusses conferences and symposiums coming up regarding estrangement versus Parental Alienation and what it does to childrenMarch 16, 2021 Episode artwork Deanna Kloostra, Divorce Coach talks about "Revengeful Parent Syndrome" and Torture Techniques used in Family Court to Enhance the CorruptionMarch 11, 2021 Episode artwork Cheryl A. Kennedy returns to talk about Cuomo and National Security NOWMarch 10, 2021 Episode artwork