Slam the Gavel

Anne DeSantis, MA, Author, Explains How The Nonnatus Foundation Helps Families Through Divorce And Trauma

March 31, 2022 Anne DeSantis, MA, Author Season 3 Episode 41
Slam the Gavel
Anne DeSantis, MA, Author, Explains How The Nonnatus Foundation Helps Families Through Divorce And Trauma
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Show Notes

     Slam the Gavel welcomes Anne DeSantis, back on to the show.  Ann was last on the show Season 2, Episode 87. She is the Director of  St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation for Freedom, Family and Faith.  A Philadelphia native, Anne is also a book author, 55+ model and podcaster/host.
   Anne has been the Director of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation since 2018. The foundation is a  Catholic 501C3 non-profit faith-based organization located in the Philadelphia area that exists to bring pastoral accompaniment to families in crisis.
    Though Catholic, the foundation welcomes ALL faiths that are suffering through crisis and divorce.  They have helped hundreds with a free service to Catholics and other faiths.
    Anne talked about handling crisis calls, giving support to parents, grandparents, relatives and neighbors as well. Also, the foundation helps adult children of divorce. The foundation offers one-on-one with a Mercedarian friar for a call or on-line meeting. They offer podcasts that addresses issues with children of divorce. The Foundation has a National Online Presence  that handles Prayer, Podcasts and Videos, Programs and Free Pastoral Consultation. They are now available in six locations speaking with Grandparents, people going through trauma, estrangement, alienation and divorce.
    There is a wealth of information on the website to help people in adversity and divorce.
   The church also recognizes annulments and Anne explained that they recognize divorce because it is a civil union, therefore children are legitimate.
    In her latest faith-based book that took her two months to write, "Love and Care for the Marginalized," Anne wrote 40 meditations for reflection.

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