Slam the Gavel

Dean Tong, MSc., Forensic Trial Expert Speaks Out On National Child Abuse Awareness Month

April 11, 2022 Dean Tong, MSc. Season 3 Episode 47
Slam the Gavel
Dean Tong, MSc., Forensic Trial Expert Speaks Out On National Child Abuse Awareness Month
Show Notes

     Slam the Gavel welcomes back Dean Tong, MSc., to the show for National Child Abuse Awareness Month. He was last on the show on Season 2, Episode 32.  Dean Tong, MSc. is a Forensic Trial Expert, author, public speaker and consultant in the field of false child abuse allegations. He is the author of three books: "Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused," "Ashes to Ashes Families to Dust: False Accusations of Child Abuse: Roadmap for Survivors," and "Don't Blame Me Daddy: False Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse."
     There are two sides to the coin. Reality is 5%  of all allegations are false, 70% are unfounded or unsubstantiated, those that did not meet a preponderance of evidence, 51% in court when a judge thinks more so than not that the abuse happened. The judge can rule on credibility of witnesses, including children only the judge can rule on what's called the ultimate issue of fact or bar which is rule 704 of whether abuse happened or not and that is for the judge and jury if criminal case to decide.  However, 25% are confirmed substantiated cases.  In law in all 50 states in CPS court, the rule of law, the burden of proof is the preponderance of evidence, prima facia evidence. All judges on the bench use "discretion." This is not about the parent's best interest, its about the child's best interest.
     Dean Tong has testified as an expert witness in 15 states and consulting as an expert for Attorneys in court cases from all 50 states.  He has been retained by attorneys and parents in over 1,000 high-conflict cost cases over the past 25 years and has appeared on more than 2,000 radio talk shows during the same timeframe discussing the pervasive and unpopular subject of false allegations of abuse. His consultancy is concentrated in the fields of divorce, child custody, abuse accusations, sexual or physical child abuse, domestic violence, parental
alienation and sexual allegations in divorce.
      Dean Tong  also explains Psychological Risk assessment testing, MMPI, CAPI and what that entails as well as Able Screen Test. Very informative discussion with Dean Tong.

Websites to look at: (for therapists) (Richard D. Rackleff) (two part test, the Gold Standard sex test)
 Dr. Stephen Ceci's book: "Jeopardy in the Court Room"
Dr. Elizabeth Loftus: The Myth of Repressed Memory: False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse
Dean Tong's book: "Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely  Accused"


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