Slam the Gavel

Sandra Speer, Ph.D. Explains Why Parental Alienation Could Be Your Worst Enemy

June 14, 2022 Sandra Speer, PhD. Season 3 Episode 65
Slam the Gavel
Sandra Speer, Ph.D. Explains Why Parental Alienation Could Be Your Worst Enemy
Show Notes

     Slam the Gavel welcomes Sandra Speer, Ph.D. to the show. Her experience includes having a Ph.D. in Public Safety and 30+ years of experience in the Domestic Violence and Emergency Management industries with research concentrations in abuse, leadership, narcissism, parental Alienation, and interpersonal communication.  I am a published author of the book The Remains of Hurricane Katrina, a chapter in the textbook Terrorism Inside America's Borders, and various articles, coupled with having been a broadcaster for 20+ years 
     Her specialty is investigating CPS/ high conflict divorce cases for origins of abuse, what types are being committed, and communicating as a consultant or as an expert witness to sources within the system to send children to their safe homes.  
     She assists through every step of a case and have helped many leave wrongful placements, physically abusive situations, grooming to be trafficked, etc. 
     Our discussion defined Parental Alienation and talked about why it should be viewed as an abuse and what is Parental Alienation Language.  Also we discussed why do so many parents find that they are wrongfully accused of Parental Alienation and why Practitioners misunderstand Parental Alienation. It is important to allow yourself to go through recovery to become strong enough to fight the horrendous legal abuse many Narcissists commit.
     In closing,  Sandra Speer, Ph.D.  wanted to say that she is proving that dreams can come true with what she is doing today.  As a Legal Advocate, not an attorney, she works with her clients throughout their cases doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals.  Because she is not an attorney, there are no legal limits to whom she can approach for assistance. Sandra also helps her clients emotionally become strong enough to fight their abuser without becoming accused of being a Narcissist or Parent Alienator.

To reach Sandra Speer, Ph.D. :

Her  company website offers information about herself, her company, Legal Advocacy and Life Coaching packages that she offers.

This public Facebook group, “Legal Advocate for You, Not Family Court,” offers general information about legal issues that accompany leaving an abuser and 24/7 Legal Advocacy advice.

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