Slam the Gavel

Rick Black Speaks Out On Guardianship Abuse And The Exploitation Of The Vulnerable

June 16, 2022 Rick Black, North Carolina Season 3 Episode 67
Slam the Gavel
Rick Black Speaks Out On Guardianship Abuse And The Exploitation Of The Vulnerable
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Show Notes

     Slam the Gavel welcomes Rick Black to the show.  He and his wife established the Center for Estate Administration Reform in 2018
     Their headquarters are located in Charlotte, NC and they have been advocating for seniors and dependent adults as well as those exploited by the legal community in equity court proceedings since 2014.
    Rick's wife, Terri, lost her father in Las Vegas when she discovered his landlord and longtime friend had stolen $220,000 from him and was systematically exploiting and neglecting him. When confronted with this, his “friend” took him hostage and was able to completely isolate him from all family with the help of a "professional guardian" and three attorneys until he died in 2015.  Terri had all the legal authority and executed documents to protect her father and yet law enforcement negligence and the predatory legal community ensured his complete exploitation. 
    This experience caused Rick to leave his profession as an Engineer and begin studying guardianship files and proceedings in Nevada and nationwide. His research and work with local media and the Nevada Attorney General gained a state wide investigation into adult guardianship abuse.
     As of 2020, those efforts have yielded massive statewide reforms and 10 convictions of Nevada attorneys and professional guardians who used guardianships as a cover for their criminal acts.  There were two cases in Clark County that went to trial in 2020.  
     Since 2014 CEAR has investigated and counseled over 5,000 cases nationwide of suspected DPOA, trust, and adult guardianship and probate frauds orchestrated by the predatory legal community.

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