Slam the Gavel

Jenny Reimenschneider Gives Updates On Her Mother In A Guardianship: Her Family Are Now Co-Guardians

November 14, 2022 Jenny Reimenschneider Season 3 Episode 153
Slam the Gavel
Jenny Reimenschneider Gives Updates On Her Mother In A Guardianship: Her Family Are Now Co-Guardians
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Show Notes

   Slam the Gavel welcomes Jenny Reimenschneider back to the podcast. She was last on the show Season 3, Episode 80. She also invited her friend Deb to speak on the podcast in regards to what has happened with Jenny's mother. Jenny is a long-term  activist and Montgomery County, PA resident. She comes from a very close-knit, community-service oriented family.  The idea that in the year 2022, in the United States, a human being can actually own another human being, is atrocious.  
      The  family has been living the nightmare of having an uninvolved, stranger taking complete control not just of their Mother, but their entire extended family. After unfortunately reaching out to the county looking for assistance, the family suddenly found themselves falsely accused of not properly clothing and feeding their Mother, not taking her to appointments, using her money, and other things that were easily refuted had anyone taken the time to look at.
   After attending a hearing with a clearly predetermined outcome, a judge assigned this stranger, whom none of the family had ever met, and who didn’t even speak to their Mother, became the owner of their Mother. 
      For eight months now, she has endured multiple fractures and head injuries, the situation has caused her to mentally, physically and cognitively decline exponentially, and the county claims they “can’t do anything”. 
     What Jenny wants everyone to know is that she and her family are "co-guardians" of their mother as of September. They get to see their mother more often and get to take her out of the nursing home per judge's orders. Jenny also encourages that if you need help with a loved one, ask another relative or a friend, but do not go to the state for help. NO ONE should not, under any circumstances ask county agencies for help. Do not under any circumstances allow anyone you care about to become under the control of a “Guardian “. 
To Reach Jenny Reimenschneider: Facebook:  Guardianship Court Corruption Victims 2021 and

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