Slam the Gavel

Colleen Murray, Ph.D.,LPC Discusses Her Work In Counseling, Parental Alienation And Florida House Bill 241

July 12, 2021 Colleen Murray, Ph.D.,LPC Season 2 Episode 69
Slam the Gavel
Colleen Murray, Ph.D.,LPC Discusses Her Work In Counseling, Parental Alienation And Florida House Bill 241
Show Notes

     Slam the Gavel welcones Colleen M. Murray, Ph.D., is a Licensed Practicing Counselor in Saint Robert, MO.  Dr. Murray has an interest in better defining intimate partner violence to include parental alienation. She has spent many years working in the area of intimate partner violence and studying the effects and interventions for children subjected to intimate partner violence.  Dr. Murray is in private practice with a focus on high conflict divorce and parental alienation.  Dr. Murray assists families with co-parenting, reunification of alienated parent, and parent management techniques.  Dr. Murray regularly testifies as an expert witness in high conflict divorce case.  Dr. Murray speaks at continuing education conferences for family law attorneys and judges concerning how parental alienation effects children.   Dr. Murray is also an adjunct professor at Drury University.
      Colleen M. Murray is the owner of Victor’s Crown Christian Counseling Center, where she specializes in working with families struggling with high conflict divorce and parental alienation.  Colleen is also an adjunct faculty member of Drury University.  Colleen attended Campbell University and received her bachelor’s in Psychology.  After graduation Colleen went on to serve in the United States Army where she received the Medal of Merit for her work in Homeland Security.  After leaving the Army, Colleen went on to received her Master’s and Ph.D. in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University graduating summa cum laude and cum laude. Colleen conducted research in childhood trauma due to domestic violence.  Colleen has three children; Ashley, Stuart and Joseph and lives in Saint Robert Missouri with her husband Daniel.
     We talked about  Florida House Bill 241 being passed recently and how to make changes in your state. 
      There will also be a symposium in October, presented by Family Access in Durham NC with well-known professionals such as Elaine Cobb, Dr. Sue Cornbluth and Linda Gottlieb to name a few. This symposium is to help people dealing with grief of losing their children and coping with emptiness.
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