Slam the Gavel

Michael Sayen, Author, Warns Of The History, "WOE OF THE WEDDING BAND"

August 02, 2021 Michael Sayen Season 2 Episode 77
Slam the Gavel
Michael Sayen, Author, Warns Of The History, "WOE OF THE WEDDING BAND"
Show Notes

     Back on Slam of the Gavel, is Michael Sayen to discuss the new title to his book, "Remarriage and Adultery in the Bible,”  as well as the history of the wedding band. Michael discussed how marriages are based on English Law.
     Apparently the wedding band was invented in Pagan Culture and brought over into the Jewish and Catholicism  religions where they began using it in their wedding rituals. At one time, a "Bride Price," had to be paid to the Father, but throughout the years, now it is paid to the Bride herself.
     This leads to how the Engagement Ring evolved.  The diamond ring was formulated by a king, asking that a diamond be placed on the ring itself. By law, if a man breaks off the engagement, a woman keeps the ring and if the woman breaks off the engagement the woman  returns the engagement ring.
    Michael explains that the wedding band is placed on the finger of the left hand as it was believed there was a vein that led directly to the heart.
     Within history Patreus, the latin form of Father showed male dominant society adding that it was a necessity for a man to be married. Also within history a woman had to be married by a certain age or considered an "Old Maid" and shunned by society in some cultures. Also, in Deuteronomy 21 if a woman was married and a "Bride Price" was paid by the husband and if he found out that she wasn't a Virgin, she was immediately taken to her father and stoned.
     As time went on between 1969- 1980 the Divorce rate spiked 3-4 times. Then in the 1980's there was a decline of Divorce however, Cohabitation began taking place, as babies were being born out of wedlock. There are 40% babies born out of wedlock today. The history of the Coventure Law in 1850 is where the Wife became the extension of her Husband. In fact, as history has played out, the slaves were given Constitutional rights before women.
    This was a much needed history lesson as to how the government came into families lives. There are 500,000 children in Foster Care in the US and worse in Europe as they are easy sexual targets. Who is to say how long child trafficking has gone on. Taking children without warrants and giving Due Process at a later time when Due Process should be the first thing they do.
    Once the Government has the power, they will hold on to it and therefore families will suffer as they have been for years. There are no checks and balances in Family Court. But there is more......

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