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Carnell Smith, Author Of, "Trapped By Law," Talks About What You Don't Know About The PJ Washington Situation

August 21, 2021 Carnell Smith, Author and Paternity Coach Episode 88
Slam the Gavel
Carnell Smith, Author Of, "Trapped By Law," Talks About What You Don't Know About The PJ Washington Situation
Show Notes

        Slam the Gavel welcomes Carnell Smith, Author and Paternity Coach, back on to the show to discuss what really is going on in the PJ Washington situation, as well as other issues concerning Paternity Fraud and high level predator situations.
      Carnell is a husband, father and grandfather as well as an Ordained Minister. Carnell also won his own paternity fraud case after appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court changing the law in his state.
     Apparently, PJ Washington is not married and it was his ex-girlfriend, Instagram model and there is no court order as of yet for him to pay $200,000.00 per month/2.4 million annually in Child Support. "Athletes are easy" marks to get paid for child support. The child then can become a financial bonus  for the next 18+ years based on emotion and legal manipulation if the young man thinks or believes he is the father. He is not always the Father.
     What to do with $200,000.00??? This is an un-taxable bonus to the mother in these extreme high income situations. Some athletes don't play for a full 18 years due to an injury. Some male athletes do not get sound legal counsel in the first round and they end up making an emotional decision over their child support based on their current financial means. Carnell recommends that you do not let your emotions make a long term decision. What happens if there is a debilitating injury?
   Excellent tips for parents of sons: just because someone says they are pregnant, doesn't mean it is your baby.  Just because someone says they have a contraception you don't have to see--you are now playing high stakes financial gambling by putting your finances and your future and  your emotional, social impact in the hands of another party by not providing your OWN contraception at ALL times.
   Carnell recommends that under no circumstances do you become a parent before you are married and then only after you have been married for some years to your wife, getting to know your wife, before you have the kids.
   Carnell has started a National Survey for Paternity Fraud Victims. This can be found on the website  (and click the link to the Facebook page where the survey is). This will eventually be published in an Academic Book about Paternity Fraud impact on the family, also how it affects men, women and children.
   Court watching is a great way for taxpayers to see what goes on in the Family Courts which then leads to child support. The corrupt child support enforcement system is funded and financed by taxpayer dollars specifically looking at Title IV-D that provides incentive payments to the states. Providing incentives to the states based on how much child support payments they collect. And there's so much more......
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