Slam the Gavel

Marcus Echols Questions Where Does The Money Really Go After Child Support And Stimulus Checks Are Collected

August 28, 2021 Marcus Echols, Journalist Season 2 Episode 95
Slam the Gavel
Marcus Echols Questions Where Does The Money Really Go After Child Support And Stimulus Checks Are Collected
Show Notes

     Slam the Gavel welcomes Marcus Echols. He has over 35 years experience dealing with DHR/Family Court system. He has appeared on TV, newspaper articles and online radio over the years addressing this subject. He has forcefully challenged and shined a bright light on some of the most horrid cases of DHR/CPS abuse against Non Custodial parents in Alabama.
    Politicians have to see this from a human perspective and not a financial perspective. Once they see you as a money maker for them, your life and what happens to you does not matter.                   
    The tactics they use, Marcus wishes he should have known because they have caused so much damage to families for years to come through Parental Alienation as well as how terrible they treat the Non Custodial parents. 
    Marcus encourages parents to understand the tactics DHS uses such as denying information for people to help themselves, not getting visitations in and false accusations so they can justify their treatment of a Non Custodial Parent. These are some of the tactics DHR uses.
    DHR uses these tactics and their goal is to drive a parent into the ground financially and emotionally where a parent cannot even begin to fight back.
   DHS makes money for the Court House. The discussion went to what really happened to the stimulus checks.  When DHR took this money, did they get matching funding? Are the judges receiving money from the incentives on top of their salaries? The taxpayer should be aware that Social Security is being robbed by CPS and Title IV-D.
   Marcus explained his journey through debtor's prison and his heart attack that nearly ended his life and how the guards treated him during this episode. Human Rights violations are committed every day in prisons.
   Just because a person is granted full custody doesn't make them the better parent. The courts just saw an opportunity. The court profits off of families and is an adversarial system.

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