Slam the Gavel

Attorney Connie Reguli Talks About Where The Social Security Monies Are Going, CPS And Covid Issues In Court

September 02, 2021 Attorney Connie Reguli Season 2 Episode 98
Slam the Gavel
Attorney Connie Reguli Talks About Where The Social Security Monies Are Going, CPS And Covid Issues In Court
Show Notes

    Slam the Gavel proudly presents Attorney Connie Reguli from Tennessee on the show. Attorney Reguli has been an attorney for 27 years. She is the mother of three adopted children and knows first hand how challenging  the Family Court can be, both legally and emotionally. Using her personal and professional experience to guide clients through their case, Attorney Reguli cares about what is happening to these families and children inside the courtrooms.
     Attorney Reguli has been very active in educating the Tennessee Legislature on their role in securing a judiciary that's fair, impartial and ACCOUNTABLE. After reviewing years of reports from the "Court of the Judiciary,"  and summarizing that information for the legislators, it became clear that this legal body does not fulfill its responsibilities in providing oversight for the state court judges.
     Speaking at several legislative hearings about the duty of the legislature, as laid out in the Tennessee Constitution, Attorney Reguli has spoken out on the  impeachment and removal of judges that abuse their power. You can find her appearances posted and several new stories and hearings on YouTube under, "JudicialReformNow." Attorney Reguli also spoke before the Tennessee Senate in April 2010. She also has her own YouTube Channel, Connie Reguli.
     We talked about how important it is for clients to know the facts about their own case and to work with and help your attorney prepare your case. It is pitiful in a courtroom were judges and attorneys try to make your lawyer look stupid in a courtroom, it is a swamp of intellectual fraud.
     The Child Welfare system that is based on a perverted financial scheme based on tax dollars and falls by the wayside when Title IV-E/FosterCare money  comes in to play, as monies come from the taxpayer's Social Security. The goal is to take your child out of your home. A system that is devastating to the Family that started in 1974 with The Mondale Act and over the next 20 years tax dollars flowed out to the states,  giving it away to Foster Care.
    We talked about Family Advocates in the Child Welfare System and how a Family Advocate is needed as well as the training that is encompasses becoming a Family Advocate.
    Attorney Reguli recommends that the public know who their State Legislatures/Reps and Senators are and put them in your cell phone as a contact, as they work for you, what committees and what bills they have done. Look into the General Assembly and what committee handles Family Court and educate yourself. For parents, get your own personal story written down within one minute, three minutes and ten minute increments for presentation. Also, learn enough basic conversation about CPS and tell your story. Be willing to have that conversation several times a week to educate the public. Lastly, have an internal commitment in your heart that CHANGE must happen.
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