Slam the Gavel

Attorney Barbara Stone Exposes The Crime Syndicates Falsely Known As Guardianships

September 08, 2021 Attorney Barbara Stone Season 2 Episode 100
Slam the Gavel
Attorney Barbara Stone Exposes The Crime Syndicates Falsely Known As Guardianships
Show Notes

     Attorney Barbara Stone is a former real estate attorney in practice in New York and Florida in prominent national firms and a former real estate broker.
    Barbara has unique first-hand experience of the human rights atrocities by the cross-corrupted U.S. government branches having been forced into courts across the country including the U.S. SupremeCourt seeking futile remedy to protect her mother from being human trafficked in the guise of "guardianship" and finding only vicious whistleblower retaliation.
    In the process, Barbara has found the entire U.S. "legal system" to be lawless, used as an entity devised by the government to strip the public of their rights, liberty and property. Nowhere are the horrors ofAmerican pseudo courts more terrifying than those operating in the ruse of "guardianship." No one in the world with financial assets is immune.  This is made apparent by the Britney Spears case and that of many other high profile celebrities and prominent members of the public.
    Barbara has been viciously retaliated for being a whistleblower to the criminal enterprise perpetrated under the ruse of, "guardianship/conservatorship" to which Barbara and her mother have been subjected. Barbara was stripped of her law license after she had already retired from the practice of law; repeatedly falsely arrested for reporting crimes and her efforts to save her mother's life. Her assets and home were seized in retaliatory fraudulent lawsuits for exposing these atrocities and to attempt to silence her.
    It is impossible for victims alone to seek remedy. The only result is further retaliation.  Barbara is uniting guardian court victims in order to seek remedy together and on an international level by the United Nations, NATO and international courts.
   There must be criminal accountability of those involved including judges, attorneys and guardians. There must be abolishment of guardian laws, ending the release of those held captive by these courts as well as renumeration and restitution.

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