Slam the Gavel

Joe Gormley, Founder of Saving Fatherhood, Discusses Serving God by Serving Victims Of Broken Families

November 08, 2021 Joe Gormley Season 2 Episode 126
Slam the Gavel
Joe Gormley, Founder of Saving Fatherhood, Discusses Serving God by Serving Victims Of Broken Families
Show Notes

    Slam the Gavel welcomes Joe Gormley. He is the founder of Saving Fatherhood which he organized in 2017.   
    Saving Fatherhood seeks to glorify God by serving victims of broken families. We help Father's and families apply Biblical principles to family challenges including but not limited to separation, divorce, parental alienation, and any situation caused by, made worse by, or could be prevented by avoiding family court. To make this goal a reality we promote our Podcast, Private Counseling / Discipleship and Group Bible Study for Divorced and Alienated Dads. Additionally, we participate in local and national political groups that seek to prevent family court tragedies thru legislation. We raise money for our efforts thru donations, selling logo apparel, and advertising. You can support, sponsor or purchase merchandise at
     Organized in 2017 Saving Fatherhood seeks to serve the body in three ways using Education, Advocacy and Ministry. 

Education – Because of the complexity of the issues and the long list of problems an in-depth conversation is required to help people understand the problems facing families and specifically those who desire to be married or divorced.  To that end Saving Fatherhood hosts regular podcasts that include interviews with Family Rights activists who are experts in Parental Alienation, Psychologists***, Counselors, Politicians, Clergy, anyone who can shine light on the problem of Fatherlessness and help explain why and how broken families are struggling today.

Advocacy – Being an agent of change, promoting groups that fight for political change at the State and Federal Level that will give parents more access to their children.  In NJ we have worked with the Family Advocate Network Political Action Committee whose primary aim has been a shared parenting bill. ( In Pennsylvania we have participated in thePennsylvania Commission on Greater Father Family Involvement and at the national level we have worked with Mark Ludwig’s organization known as AFESP, Americans for Equal Shared Parenting.  We would like to be involved in several other groups.   
We plan on advocating for or supporting the following initiatives that we believe will bring justice to victims of family court terror. 
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