Slam the Gavel

Mark T. Andrews Speaks Out On A CPS Case And What Is The Criteria To Sue A Judge

January 24, 2022 Mark T. Andrews Season 3 Episode 11
Slam the Gavel
Mark T. Andrews Speaks Out On A CPS Case And What Is The Criteria To Sue A Judge
Show Notes

     Slam the Gavel welcomes Mark T. Andrews, a licensed officer of the court back on the show. He was last on the show on August 26th, 2021 Season 2 Episode 93. After going through Family Court system for 19 years and 73 hearings later,  Mark explains how he has suffered two heart attacks with a couple of stents and an open heart surgery. Every six years he has had a heart procedure.
     The courts and CPS keep creating income, not settling these cases. The children are the ones that are suffering the most through this.  Mark didn't get to see his kids graduate nor get married. "Not knowing about your kids and not knowing if they are safe," Mark states, "adds to the PTSD." Mark hasn't heard from his daughter since 2008 nor his son. He is an erased father.  Missing milestones; your child getting taller, graduating from high school and getting married and not being able to be there further the affects of PTSD.
   Mark spoke openly about a CPS case involving a Mother who has had her kids taken away and given to her own mother as a foster parent. But then the lies began. Now Mark is fending off false accusations.
    We discussed how CPS anxiously wants to adopt children out for Federal Funding. Kids for CASH.
    Qualified Absolute Immunity with judges was discussed at length as well as Hardwick v. County of Orange (2017) and Robert J. v. Cathryn D. (03-11-2009. DO51552-CA Court of Appeal. This case is extremely important and related to false accusations.
     Again, another podcast not to be missed.

To Reach Mark: and cell number: 707-280-7425
Mark also runs: I Am The Storm Podcast

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