The Arc50

February 11, 2022 Charlie Reading Season 3 Episode 5
The Arc50
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The Arc50 is a 50-mile Ultra Marathon around the brutal Cornish Coastline that happens in tandem with the even more brutal 100-mile Arc of Attrition.

My co-host Claire Fudge of 4th Discipline and I ran the Arc50 last month with 2 former guests of the podcast and very experienced ultra runners, Kerry Sutton of Perpetual Motion Coaching and Warren Pole of 33Fuel, as our crew.

This episode was an opportunity to reflect on an amazing race and experience from all of our perspectives - there are also some brief interviews with Ferg, the organiser of the event who is also an accomplished ultra runner, and the legendary fell runner Nicky Spinks, who was the first lady to complete the 100-mile Arc of Attrition.

If you like the idea of ultra running, or are just intrigued, there is loads to learn from this episode.
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Read Charlie's blog on the Arc50 here:

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intro with Charlie Reading
Main interview with Claire Fudge, Warren Pole and Kerry Sutton
Interview with Nicky Spinks
Interview with Ferg
Outro with Charlie Reading