Business of Endurance

Ultra Woman with Dede Griesbauer

February 24, 2023 Charlie Reading
Business of Endurance
Ultra Woman with Dede Griesbauer
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Dede Griesbauer recently became the Ultraman World Champion at the age of 52. Not turning pro until she was 35, Dede is a veteran Professional Triathlete, being a 3-time Ironman Champion and a 2-time 70.3 Champion. She is the 2016 12-hour Time Trial World Champion, where she set the course record of 258 miles, beating all of the men as well. She won Ultraman Florida in 2020 where she set an Ultraman World Record and she is the 2022 Ultraman World Champion where she set a course record by over 45 minutes.

 It was an honour for Claire and I to interview her and former TRIBEathlon co-host, Laura Siddall, who crewed for Dede in her Ultraman win. We chatted to them about the difference in strategy from Iron distance to Ultra distance triathlon, creating longevity in the sport through smart recovery and how to build a great support team around you.

Dede Griesbauer

Laura Siddall

Claire Fudge

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intro with Charlie Reading
Main interview with Dede and Laura
Outro with Claire Fudge and Charlie Reading