Army to Ultra with Tom Evans

March 24, 2023 Charlie Reading / Tom Evans Season 4 Episode 11
Army to Ultra with Tom Evans
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Tom Evans, a former British Army Captain, first made his mark on the ultra-running world in 2017, when he came third in the 251km desert ultra Marathon des Sables.
Despite entering on the back of a bet with a friend, his third-place finish was the best result any European had ever achieved in the history of the race.

Tom astounded once again in 2018, when he won the 101km CCC race at the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) – the pinnacle of an incredibly successful racing year, which also saw him take the top spot (and break course records) at the Coastal Challenge Costa Rica and the South Downs Way 50.

Since then he has podiumed at the 2 most iconic trail races in the world; The Western States and the UTMB, so he has achieved a huge amount in his short time in the sport.

Claire and I wanted to chat to him about how his time in the army has helped him plan and execute races so effectively, how he focuses on tracking down the marginal gains and what data he does and doesn't find valuable in recovering from these monumental 100 mile runs.

Tom Evans

Claire Fudge

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