Developing an IRON-MIND with Helen Davis

February 02, 2021 Charlie Reading / Helen Davis Season 1 Episode 28
Developing an IRON-MIND with Helen Davis
Show Notes

Helen Davis is an accomplished swimmer and sports psychologist and is renowned for working with some accomplished athletes - particularly,  former Ironman pro, Lucy Gossage. Based on the success Helen's approach brought to Lucy, together they created IRON-MIND, and online learning platform for helping you get the best out of your training and your races by having the right mindset.

Having been through the IRON-MIND myself, it gives you a brilliant guide on how to address those limiting and irrational beliefs and helps you to focus on what will bring you the greatest success, whether that is to compete or complete.

I  wanted to explore these ideas more with Helen, as well as talk to her about her complete career change in her 40s; retraining and switching from teaching to sport psychology.
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Book Recommendations:
Tipping the Balance by Dr Martin Turner and Dr Jamie Barker 
Performing Under Pressure by Josephine Perry

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