Women Thriving In Sport with Dr Emma Ross

February 05, 2021 Charlie Reading / Laura Siddall / Dr Emma Ross Season 2 Episode 1
Women Thriving In Sport with Dr Emma Ross
Show Notes

In the first episode of the podcast with my new co-host, pro Ironman athlete, Laura Siddall, we speak to Dr Emma Ross, Head of Physiology at the English Institute of Sport, helping Team GB finish second in the medal table at the Rio Olympics.

Dr Emma Ross led a ground-breaking campaign to improve support of female athletes within the high performance system. Through the SmartHER programme she worked to empower coaches, athletes and sports practitioners to better understand the exercising female, and how to capitalise and cope with her physiology and psychology in the context of sport.  She is on a mission to tackle the taboos that exist within sport and within wider society when it comes to women’s health; topics such as periods and the menstrual cycle, breast health, pelvic floor health and mental health.

 Thankfully, I had previous guest of the podcast and performance coach, Laura Penhaul, on hand to make sure I was asking the right questions in a subject that was definitely out of my comfort zone.
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