Hydrating with Precision with Andy Blow

April 23, 2021 Charlie Reading / Andy Blow Season 2 Episode 12
Hydrating with Precision with Andy Blow
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Andy Blow is a Sports Scientist and founder of Precision Hydration, the electrolyte specialists. An expert in sweat, dehydration and cramping, Andy previously worked as the Team Sports Scientist for the Benetton and Renault Formula 1 teams and remains an adviser to the Porsche Human Performance Centre. 

 An elite level triathlete in his younger days, Andy has finished in the top 10 of Ironman and 70.3 races, as well as winning an Xterra World title, and it was his own struggles with cramping and hydration that led to him specialising in electrolyte replenishment and founding Precision Hydration. 

 We often talk about training and fuelling, but in this episode Sid and I wanted to explore the area of hydration including the common mistakes people make and the strategies to get it right for your optimum performance.
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