Ultra Camper Vanning with Sophie Grant

September 24, 2021 Charlie Reading / Sophie Grant Season 2 Episode 26
Ultra Camper Vanning with Sophie Grant
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Sophie Grant is an ultrarunner who has finished in the top 10 at UTMB, Lavaredo, TransGranCanaria, La Diagonale les Fous and the MDS, to name just a few. What is interesting about Sophie is that she only started running in her 30s to lose some weight, and now is one of the top runners on the circuit and when she began to struggle to deal with the stress of holding down a job whilst training for races, she flipped normal life on its head, and for the last few years has lived out of a camper van travelling Europe, whilst flying back into the UK sporadically to work.

In this interview, I wanted to understand how she went from beginner to top ultrarunner, how living in a camper van has changed her perspective, how women in ultrarunning still suffer from sexist torments and strategies in races around the world.

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