Dare to Tri with Louise Minchin

December 03, 2021 Charlie Reading / Louise Minchin Season 2 Episode 31
Dare to Tri with Louise Minchin
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Over the last 20 years, most of us have been waking up to Louise Minchin's bubbly enthusiasm delivered from the BBC Breakfast red sofa a few mornings every week, but as well as being one of the show's key anchors prior to her stepping down, latterly with Dan Walker, she is also a triathlon fanatic.

Rediscovering her love of sport whilst on a BBC challenge in the Velodrome, she has gone on to represent her country at triathlon, as well as completing some of the worlds toughest extreme triathlons. She currently finds herself in the middle of I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here, but prior to her entering the castle, I wanted to find out about how she got into triathlon, how she managed deal with the nerves in the early days and then go on to represent Team GB at the sport. I also wanted to find out more about her having to judge the mood of the nation from the red sofa, as well as understand what comes next for her.

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