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Dr Apples

Lacye A. Brown

Step into the fantastical and award-winning universe of Dr. Apples®! Dive into a whimsical blend of folklore, fantasy, and underground culture in a story that captivates and inspires. 

Our tale begins when, on his 16th birthday, Dr. Apples' mother was mysteriously kidnapped by fairies and replaced with a unique doll. Each year, he receives another doll, each imbued with the essence of his mother. Now, we're on a mission to find her and we invite you to join the quest! Our podcast unravels the adventures of Dr. Apples in four exciting ways: 

📚 'Folklore': Immerse yourself in our main fictional narrative. 
👩‍🏫 'Discuss/Interview': Explore the intriguing themes embedded within our tale. 
🎮 'Game Time': Enjoy playful shenanigans with Lacie, Dr. Apples' earth-bound assistant. 
📜 'Storytime': Listen to the engaging tales of Dr. Apples' explorations. 

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 Visit www.DrApples.com for even more tantalizing details. Welcome, one and all, to the Dr. Apples Universe!