Dr Apples

ZERO- Dr. Apples Welcomes you!

September 14, 2020 Lacye A. Brown Season 1
Dr Apples
ZERO- Dr. Apples Welcomes you!
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Theme of Podcast:

If you are looking for a new epic fantasy story to entertain you, then you are at the right door. This is an introductory episode of a mysterious and entertaining journey that we are going to start. Embark with us if you are interested in fantasy, dark humor, magic, surprises, witches, fairies, spiritualism, the cult and surprising turns. We will be publishing our podcast based on Dr. Apples’ fantasy Novel every week.  We welcome you to the world of Dr. Apples. 

Dr. Apples Story in a Nutshell

At the age of 16, on the birthday of Dr. Apples, fairies kidnapped his mother and replaced her with a doll. Each year on his birthday he receives a doll which has his mother’s essence. As of today, there are 75 dolls to his collection. We are currently on the hunt towards finding her. We believe we have come across a major clue that will lead us to her and solve this mystery.

The Podcast’s Broadcasting Detail

There are going to be two segment of this magical and mysterious series.

  • Every NUMBERED episode is the fictional folk lore.
  • Every LETTERED (All Caps) Episode is the discussion portion fro the previous episode.

 We will invite guests on the podcast show to receive their inputs on various themes/topics described in the chapter. We will share personal experiences and will dive deeper into the topics. There are going to be some fun segments in the podcast as well. .....and maybe some bacon???

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Host name: Lacie

Personal assistant of Dr. Apples.

Artist and creator of the fictional care to Dr. Apples.

Today’s Episode Timeline

 [00:05]- Introduction of podcast host: Lacie

[00:22]- Who is Dr. Apples and what is this podcast all about?

[00:46]- Mysterious story of Dr. Apples. 

[02:15]- Themes of the podcast. Some interesting topics.

[02:40]- Every Tuesday & Thursday programs detail.

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Lacie: Well, hello. My name is Lacey. I'm an artist and the creator of the fictional character, Dr. Apples, and welcome to talk about apples, the podcast. Thank you for entering into the wonderful world of Dr. Apples. This is episode zero. So what's this Dr. Apples in this top about Apples podcast all about? Well, if you're looking to experience a new epic fantasy, a journey to entertain you then look no further. Dr. Apples is a highly intelligent, sarcastic, lovable witch doctor, I happened to be one of his personal assistants. We're on the hunt towards finding his mother. At the age of 16 on his birthday, Dr. Apples mother was kidnapped by fairies and replaced with the doll. Each year on his birthday he receives a doll which has his mother's essence. As of today, there's 75 dolls to his collection. We're currently on the hunt towards finding her. We believe we've come across the major clue that will lead us towards her and solve this mystery. Dr. Apples asked.

Dr. Apples: Lacie, where is my favorite portable cabbage T-shirt? I can't seem to find it. You must have had it last. I can't seem to find it.

Lacie: So, this is Dr. Apples.

Dr. Apples: What are you doing?

Lacie: I'm doing the podcast like you asked me to remember?

Dr. Apples: Oh yeah. Nice. Hey, welcome. I'm glad you're here. I hope she's been treating you well, you're welcome here in time. Lacie, I thought you would have been on one of those dates with another loser, you know? Because you...

Lacie: You know what? Join us in finding his mother.

Dr. Apples: The more the merrier. I can teach you about magic too.

Lacie: But before you join, you have to catch up. This is where I and the podcast.

Dr. Apples: Have you told them about...

Lacie: Yes, yes.

Dr. Apples: ... me and…

Lacie:  Shh, shh.

Dr. Apples: ...my mission?

Lacie: Let me explain. This is the audio narrative of his story. If you're into fantasy, dark humor.

Dr. Apples: Powerful magic.

Lacie: Storyline filled with surprises, bacon.

Dr. Apples: I'm vegan.

Lacie: Witches, fairies, tarot, spiritualism, the occult, more magic, dark humor, more bacon. I actually don't think I mentioned bacon at all, and surprising turns. Then this is the podcast for you. Each Tuesday, I'll drop a half of a chapter from the Dr. Apple's novel. That same Thursday I'll have a podcast discussing the various themes described in the chapter, published along with my personal experiences and creative process in developing certain moments in the story. Often, I'll invite special guests to receive inputs on specific topics.

Dr. Apples: Good. I don't have to talk. Oh, and if you hate fairies, that's a plus in my book. Where is it? Ooh, what's this? How long has it been sealed?

Lacie: Stop it Dr. Apples. I'll help you in a moment. Let me finish.

Dr. Apples: I can't find it. But I can find a tub filled with the mud. I will open this up and it'll show me where my band shirt is.

Lacie: Yeah, don't do that. So, you can listen to this podcast in two ways the numbered episodes are the narrative portion of Dr. Apples story.  The Episodes Lettered in all caps are the discussion portion from the previous episode.  You can listen to just the story or discussions or alternate between the two.   It's very intriguing and enlightening and we'll dive deeper into topics and sometimes include some fun segments because who doesn't love bacon?

Dr. Apples: Where is it ? And they said this band was a fad. You know what's a fad? Computers!

Lacie: No.

Dr. Apples: That's it. I'm using this magic to help me.

Lacie: Oh, that doesn't sound good. So welcome to the Dr. Apples universe. Come embark, explore and join us in finding his mother. Click the subscribe button to never miss a moment with us and visit dr.apples.com for more exciting info. We can't wait to speak to you again and we'll talk to you soon.

Dr. Apples: See you later.

Lacie: Stop it. Don't open it.

Dr. Apples: Oh, I'm opening it.

Lacie: No.

Dr. Apples: No. I'm going to. I'm opening it now. I'm open. I'm open. Oh-oh. Lacie, I need some plyers and the herbs out of the kitchen cabinet.