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October 28, 2020 Lacye A. Brown; Christian Bradley West Season 1 Episode 4
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In this episode of Talk About Apples, Lacye talks to Christian Bradley West, also known as The Country Clairvoyant. He is an intuitive luminary (psychic medium – book a reading on his website linked below), alchemist, visual artist, and author.

Today, they discuss Living Authentic Truth – being who you truly are, regardless of what others think, and they explore how that relates to Miss BaRule’s story so far.

Christian tells us how to deal with the difficulties of living your authentic truth, and what will happen if you decide not to do so (hint: you should probably do so).

Without further ado, here are some of the things you can expect to hear in this episode:


Topics discussed in the show

·         [01:34] Introducing Christian Bradley West

·         [03:31] What does it mean to live your authentic truth, and what does that journey look like?

·         [09:01] What are the hazards of being your authentic self?

·         [19:25] Finding the inner strength to face the hazards

·         [25:48] What happens if you don’t answer your calling?

·         [30:10] The Heart vs The Brain

·         [31:53] What can you do today?

·         [40:17] A little bit about Christian’s podcast and books


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Chapter 1 Second Half Discussion- Christian B West


[Intro] Lacie:On his 16th birthday, Dr. Apples mother was kidnapped by fairies and replaced with a doll. Each year on his birthday. He's presented a doll which has his mother's essence. He's traveled through various planets, dimensions, realms questioned, tortured in pride his way for clues. He's on a mission to find his mother welcome to the Dr. Apples Universe. Hello, my name is Lacie. I'm the host creator, visual artist and producer, and welcome to Talk About Apples, the podcast. This is the discussion portion. This is the folklore of the fictional character, Dr. Apples and his universe. It's filled with fantasy humor and powerful magic. So enjoy. On this episode, we're introduced to kid Dr. Apples and his lovely mother healer, Miss Barule. Although his mother has good intentions and believes this is a proper life path for her and her family, it doesn't come without issues. 

These issues are relatable, in the theme we'll be discussing from episode three are the struggles when one is on the journey, indoor living their authentic truth. My guest is a highly keen, psychic medium for over 20 years, even though he looks to be 27 years old. When I feel I'm a bit stagnant, like I have some of the pieces of the puzzle of my life, but I can't seem to figure out how to put those pieces together, I call him. After my conversation with him, I feel not only confident and supported, but he even manages to find that missing piece I never knew I needed. That's what he does in his intuitive readings. The guidance is priceless. He's not only a magnificent, psychic medium. He's one of the greatest hyphenates of our time. He's a visual artist, mastering sculpture, photography, and installations. He's a magnificent, articulate and beautiful author. Along with a multitude of accolades, he has one of the greatest personalities. If you haven't already be sure to follow him on Instagram @thecountryclairvoyant for laugh every single day, please welcome Christian Bradley West.

Welcome, Christian, this is the journey to being and living in your authentic truth. So, Miss Barule has chosen to remain in New Orleans to help with healing lower income families in her neighborhood. Because of this decision she's left with the lack of mental stimulation and healthy friendships to say the least, even though she faces a lot of negativity and ridicule, she seems at peace with her decision. I wanted to explore this theme within the story. Now, most people hear about living in your authentic truth or being your authentic self, but what does that mean? Like what the hell does that mean like but for me and what does that journey look like? I feel like I'm living my proper authentic path. I've known you for quite some time, Christian, and I know you're living your authentic truth. I couldn't think of anyone better to give their input than you. So Christian, I want you to share what does that journey look and feel like at the beginning stages?

Christian: Oh, like you don't know anything, like you have no idea what you're doing. You're just, it feels like you're being pulled into something, you know, that you have to explore whether in the spiritual community sometimes it's, I need to read these books. I need to look at this, you know, these tarot cards I need to do, I need to explore the magic, whatever the magic is, whatever showing up, I need to explore this. You know, for me as an artist, very young, it was, I need to make art, you know, or, and write. I was a writer as well. So, it was like, I need to just express myself basically. And so, but of course in the beginning of any of those things, it's well, and even throughout the process, it's very intuitive, you know, it's not something that is always obvious. You just get drawn to something and you pick it up and then as you move forward in it, there's kind of this curation process where you just, you start to find the things, the people, the so forth that you align with in whatever the learning is, you know, whatever the information is that you're acquiring and process. And then but yeah, but in the beginning it tends to feel a little chaotic because there is no refinement, there's just a bunch of stuff to look at, like to go through.

Lacie: Yeah.

Christian: Like, okay, what do I do with this? So, yeah.

Lacie:  I think my issue when I first started because for me, my perspective is it started when I hit my rock bottom. And I...

Christian: Yeah.

Lacie:  I actually, hit 2 rock bottoms in a year, so don't do that.

Christian: Right? Unless you really bouncy. Yeah.

Lacie:  It was, that's when I'm like, okay, this is different. I'm headed towards this peculiar journey; I have no idea and at that time I was trying to find a logic and intuition. So, I had issues with, is this me being intuitive? Or am I just like doing this? Like I was just so perplexed, like...

Christian: Well, that's the chaos, right? That's the, what am I doing? And to your point, I would say as an adult, as I've aged and mature that the rock bottom, or hitting them that point where you feel very stripped of things, your expectations and your conditions brings on the authenticity because you have to completely stare into yourself and go, Oh gosh, okay. So, this is who I am and let go of all the things not because the reason why I think we struggle with it is because we're conditioned from a very young age about who we should be, you know?

Lacie:  Yeah.

Christian: And so, we get covered up with those expectations and those conditions that are imposed on us by our parents, you know, the rest of the family, our educational systems so forth and so on. So that is the primary challenge is to recognize really who we are, not in order to discover who we are. And sometimes that involves hitting rock bottom because we try to meet the needs and expectations of the world around us and when that's not working, we go, Oh, crap. And we find ourselves in a place that is that as you would say, the rock bottom, the, okay, I did everything I'm supposed to do. And that didn't work now what?

Lacie:  But for me, I would, the key word I would use is control because I was an extreme control freak and...

Christian: Oh yeah.

Lacie:  And how that work for me.

Christian: Yeah. Well, and that's a part of it because it's the fear, right?

Lacie: Yeah.

Christian: ... That comes on like, oh my God, if I lose myself, if I lose this, then I won't be who I think I am. I won't be able to do what I think I need to do. I won't be able to live up to that role that I think I need to live up to. And yeah and so the control definitely becomes the thing at that point. So yeah, I relate to that as well.

Lacie:  Like that, that was a journey like many of years. So, for someone who, so let's say we're on this authentic path and you have ups and downs, but at this point you feel good, you feel confident. You're on the right road towards happiness, similar to Miss Barule. She seems at peace with her life, even though she faces ridicule. So Christian, what are the hazards of being your authentic self?

Christian: So, I'd like to just pause for a second and just say, okay, well, what, for those that are listening, what is the authenticity and what is Miss Barule? Like, what did she choose at some point? Well, to me, authenticity is you're living from your values, not the values that were given to you right by society but your values. Yeah, exactly. So, she, you know, she's living in her values, which involves her Hoodoo her magic and so forth and her healing ability and so she can't not do that. And so, some of the hazards, which you mentioned in the story is there can be a certain loneliness sometimes because not everyone. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the people who are also living their values, who are also living authentically because a lot of people aren't, you know, and of course if what you're living is different or looks different than other people then that's it. So, the other level of that would be that you get judged, which feels like a hazard, right? Like you're not included in a group or you're included in, and that comes with the territory. That is something that I heard a quote yesterday that I wrote down in my notes for today, which is I have the courage to be disliked.

Lacie:  Right.

Christian: Which is really actually very scary because when we're living authentically people won't see us because they can only see us where they are...

Lacie:  Yes.

Christian: ... you know, and only meet us where they are. So, part of it is you lose people potentially in your life and sometimes it's difficult to find the people. Although I have discovered that as you continue on the path, there might be a moment where you've had that dark night of the soul, where you feel very alone and lost and so forth. But the people come eventually, you know you'll find them eventually. Yeah. So, it's just, it's still a rare event that people go, okay, I'm not living the way society told me, you know, in the past it's been the artists and the philosophers and the scientists, right. Like, no, I'm not gonna align with your religion, I'm going to look to the stars because there's truth there. You know? So again, if we define authenticity as living in your truth, then the hazard is that the people who are still living in lives are not going to like you very much potentially so...

Lacie:  Yes, like one of the first rules I tell people who began a spiritual path. I tell them just similar to the quote you just stated, I guess, just in a different wording. First rule is not to care what other people think about you. Once you have mastered that you can kind of master everything else, everything else will flow, because a lot of the issues revert back to the perspective someone has of you, especially family, that's hard to remove especially if it's contradicts what their standards are. So, it's always just a great thing to just remember and just learn and grow and develop that into your subconscious and eventually live that truth of, I don't care how anybody views me.

Christian: Yeah. Don't take anything personal really don't because everyone's living in their own dream, their own little world and in their mind.

Lacie:  Absolutely.

Christian: Coming from their own place. And yeah. That's what we say.

Lacie:  That's their perspective. How they react to you.

Christian: Exactly and going back to your point of control, we, that is one thing we can never control. I mean, we can try, we can fit into the role they want for us. I tell you; I have spent my entire life like huge chunks of it trying to be something somebody else wanted me to be in order to bring peace to a circumstance for things to be calm, whatever. And it's never worked because if that person isn't happy with themselves, if that person's not living their authenticity, their truth, then they're not going to be happy. And so, it doesn't matter what you do to be loving, kind, generous, supportive. It doesn't matter. So, I've just learned you can't be too concerned with other people's opinion. Although, as I say all that, I still struggle with it. Hit me sending out my book to agents right now and don't worry that I'm going to get judged by these people for the work I've done. So, I'm still on the path, you know?

Lacie: You'll get there.

Christian: Exactly.

Lacie:  I send things off. And if someone says, yes, I'm like, yes. And someone says, no, I'm petty. And I report you as spam, and then we're done.

Christian: Right. Oh my God. Well, you've been one of my lights. So, to go, okay, like Lacie and I are just throwing our stuff out there. So, let's just do this, you know?

Lacie:  Yeah. So, if you see something say, look at this spam, let me get rid of it.

Christian: Right. That's a good way of doing it. So yeah. So, you know, it's a practice. It's not something...

Lacie:  It is.

Christian: ... that just comes it's definitely, so also like living in your truth is its own practice, as you know, as we've both experienced and that we continue to experience, you know. If there's anything in our life that is preventing us whether it be a thought, a feeling or even a person, whatever those things are we go, Oh, not today, not now not doing that anymore.

Lacie:  And then sometimes the habit is so strong, you don't even realize that you're doing it.

Christian: Jesus, yes.

Lacie:  That I was talking to someone and it was like an aha moment or something, but I realized like my issue was say I had some confrontation with someone and all I really needed to do was just approach them and just speak my truth, but I didn't take the action on it. I thought it, and then I was wondering, well, why is this still happening? Like, I'm confused. So, I didn't take action on it. So sometimes it's a process, like you said.

Christian: Yeah. Yeah. So, anyone who's listening, don't be discouraged. You know, if you're there, if you are discouraged, recognize the fact that it's a process and sometimes we find ourselves in the old ways of doing things, which, which tends to involve some from a fear or shame aspect, you know, that we learned as a kid. And because you know, those two things are very effective at conditioning children to do what the adults want them to do. Right? Or the authority figures. So, you have to...

Lacie:  To make them happy. Yes.

Christian: Exactly, to get them to fall in line. So that's what essentially what I was saying earlier masks the authenticity. So, a lot of people will spend their life trying to be something for someone else in order to be accepted and loved. And we're going back to your point of the hazard of living your authenticity is just that you won't be liked because you're not living up to other people's standards and their expectations and potentially even fulfilling their survival needs that you may be once were. So, yeah.

Lacie:  And then, and then I say always ask yourself, are you happy? If you're a conforming and making all of these changes for this individual society or culture, ask yourself, are you truly happy? Is this what makes you happy? And if the answer is no, then move on and keep going.

Christian: Well. And even that's its own practice because, you know, we spend a lot of time, at least a lot of many humans do just try to make others happy, trying to fit in trying all of those things. And again, on this journey, as you continue forward with ever more awareness and presence, you discover that what you were doing, you thought made you happy didn't.

Lacie:  Right.

Christian: And you thought was your authenticity. You know, many people grow up and they get the family and get the job and make babies and then somewhere down the road generally called the midlife crisis. They go, oh my God, this isn't who I am.

Lacie:  No, I did that in my twenties. I thought I knew who I was as a woman. I didn't know squat and I thought I knew it all. And I'm like, you don't even know your own body. You don't know what you're doing, girl, like chill out. And during my divorce, that's when I just humbled myself. And I mean, you know, I humbled myself and then I just started all over seeing what it was I liked. And I didn't like just the basic fundamentals and then just grew from there. I guess that was segue into my next question because I mean, the hazards seem pretty annoying and frustrating at times. We get some good times and then the bad times are there, you can't ignore that. But how, or where do you find the inner strength to face it all?

Christian: Jesus, that has been his practice in and of itself. It's funny. I've pulled the strength card last night or it fell out of the deck in a row. So, I think for me, it is my spiritual practice. It is the, I go within now. I go, okay, whatever's happening around me to your point. I can't control this. I can only do what I can do so I can show up and I can do whatever's on the list. And I'm willing to change whatever's on the list. You know, I don't want to live in a straight line. Nothing is you've experienced the experiences is linear. So sometimes you have to adapt, improvise and overcome, as it says, it's been said. And so, I'm willing to do that as well. And it constantly is going within, and I'll tell you something that brings me a lot of strength that I say to myself right now is I'm not a victim. I just go, I'm not a victim. The control factor comes in when you feel like the victim and you need to fix everything within your reality in order to feel that sense of comfort again. And for me sometimes it's like, I can't sometimes as I'm sure you've experienced as well, you try and do all of that and it still bring comfort. It doesn't work. And so, you know, things just, you hit essentially hit that rock bottom again because you're just constantly trying to fix whatever you perceive as wrong in your reality. When sometimes all that's really required is to step back, go within, breathe, detach. And for me, I always say, show me the way, what do I do? And so, and I also, like I said, recently, go, okay, I'm not a victim here. Like, yes, this is happening. Yes, this is going on, but how do I use it? What do I do? And use it, hopefully in a very creative I in a do no harm fashion so I can, you know, get on with whatever it needs to get on but...

Lacie:  Yeah, there are a huge lesson and, in those moments, which is very difficult for me as well, which is why I usually say that's the moment when I have to look in, look at the bigger picture.

Christian: Yeah.

Lacie:  That's the only way I can process it because I'm so homed in and focused and then emotions are invested into it. And so, I can't see past that. And that's when I have to just really look at the bigger picture and say, Hey, this is a goal. You want this one, this, you have to learn whatever lesson this is. It will make sense. Not right now, but a little later.

Christian: Well, that's where I see your point. Yeah. Like sometimes we can't see the big picture. And so, we accept what we can see and accept that and I say you use the word humble and I like that because I was thinking it obviously. And so, kind of my definition of humble is to accept the fact that you don't know what you don't know and when it's time to know it you'll know if you're paying attention right? So, you just or you can you work with what you have now?

Lacie:  Yes.

Christian: And I see not just with your eyes open, but also your heart open, like, and people correlate the heart really with love. But to me it's the, in a spiritual sense, it's the center of our being. So, it's a balance point. So, there is, to me, there's a lot of intuition in that space. And so, it's just like, I'm just available. I just go, okay, I'm available to whatever information needs to find me, direct me please. And I will do whatever needs to happen in those moments.

Lacie:  Sometimes I will reluctantly do what needs to be done.

Christian: Well, there's always that, but again, you and I have discussed this before, you know, the people that have the grit and the tenacity. So, going back to strengths, sometimes I find just are something that I'll throw out there that you and I are aware of is our words, keep going.

Lacie:  Yea, it's a mantra.

Christian: Sometimes it's yeah. It's just like, okay, I don't know. I'm nervous. I can't see what the result will be of what I'm doing right now.

Lacie:  Yep.

Christian: Keep going, keep going, keep going and then intend that whatever choices you're making are in alignment with your authenticity, with your truth and are supporting you every step of the way. So, another element of that strength is simply just faith and choosing to be confident, not waiting for it to find me going, I'm not a victim here. I'm going to stand up. I was like, even regardless of what you're going through in life, you can always stand tall.

Lacie:  That's true. Keep going is synonymous with faith...

Christian: Yea.

Lacie:  Because you don't have all the answers or, and you can't comprehend everything. So, a lot of the times I look into the bigger picture and I just tell myself, keep going because that's it. And usually after you've overcome that hump, you're like, Oh, alright. Yeah. I thought it was nothing, you know? And that is simple. [Cross-talking 25:03] Yeah, you're like, I'm sorry. I was just kidding.

Christian: There's been a lot of those, especially recently. It's very interesting. It's like some things accelerated for me. There has been a lot of, here's a hump, here's a hump, here's a hump. And every time I get over it was like, ah, ah, yay. I moved through it. And right now there's been a sticking point in the last few days and I'm like, Oh, this hump needs to go away though, I need to do it so I've had to again, go within and do the keep going, you know, just pick up where you are with everything you have and just say, okay, this is what's happening right now. So, I'm going to keep going, boom, that's it.

Lacie:  You have to stop trying to find the logic. Just keep going. You have a goal, keep going. Do it. You know what you need to do? Just keep doing it.

Christian: Yeah.

Lacie:  So, during this journey I'm pretty certain, you've encountered a couple of people who hop on the spiritual path or they desire to do so and then for some reason they don't it's pretty common. But based off of your opinion, what do you feel happens if you remain the same and you don't answer the call?

Christian: So, people that I've discovered who are truly called forward, your life will fall apart. Like literally everything will happen to move you in that direction. There will be signs. There will be symbols. There will be people. There will be resources. There will be information, which is its own resource. There will just be thing after thing, after thing smacking you in the face to go, Hey, look at this and if you're not looking at it, then it will materialize in your life as chaos, as the breaking down of a structure, essentially of an old structure whether you like it or not. Although I have found that there are people who, even people I have dated for a long length of time who would have these moments of lucidity who were aware, who could see, as you would say, the bigger picture, who did see the spirituality, who recognized it. But there's something in the practice called regression where you have like this opening where you're like, Oh, I'm so peaceful and calm as you would say. I got over that hump and great, I can do anything. And then of course, another stressful circumstance presents and then there's regression into potentially old ways. The fear, the shame, the grief, all that crud shows back up and then the victim nature and then you have to work through it again. 

So, I find though that the people that maybe who don't recognize the regression, who aren't fully stepping into their awareness will be pulled back over and over again until they get it. And many people suffer because of it. But I have found there's so much opportunity for us to live a very awakened, very peaceful life but it's a choice. It has to be a choice. It's not so many, life does not happen to us. Life lives through us. So, it's important to work with whatever that energy is that life is showing up as in that moment, for me, oftentimes it's something creative, always, whether it's making a meme, writing the book, making arts and I have to pay attention to it.

Lacie:  Yeah. I understand that.

Christian: Yeah. Right. Of course, you do.

Lacie:  I can't help it.

Christian: Yeah. And we can't. And so, I would say anyone who's listening out there, if you're, if, if you're being called to something, pay attention to it, don't let the fear voice come in and say, Oh, that's just a hobby. Or, Oh, I can't do that. Or, oh you know, I'm not talented enough or I don't know enough or whatever the story is.

Lacie:  Also, to interject. Also, don't let other people's limited beliefs prevent you...

Christian: Oh, absolutely.

Lacie:  ... from going your path because you can give, tell someone your idea, and they will say that's stupid or maybe you shouldn't do that. And you have to pause and take a moment and where that criticism is coming from. Is it coming from a place of knowledge where they have gone that exact same path and therefore, they know that it's like destruction or is it that they're projecting their limited beliefs on the youth? They don't feel like they can do it therefore you can't do it. So, you have to take into account that too. Don't let other people discourage you if your heart tells you to do it.

Christian: Yeah. Yeah. And, but again, oftentimes to that point, there's research that shows the heart communicates all the time, but the brain doesn't want to listen. So, if your heart's telling you to do it, then there again, another practice is listening to the parts and getting out of the head. The brain is the one where the control comes from the control goes look you have to do this. So, I've been told that your brain gathers the information. The heart actually is the one that helps you to choose it. So, the coherence comes in when the brain goes, okay, I got all this information. What do I do with it now? Like asking for advice, right? Instead of making the assumption based on its past or other people's opinions or so forth and so on, even your own opinions. What do I do now? You know, instead of asking it, so it's really is about being willing and available to the questions in your life in order to reveal the unknown and become aware of it and that is itself a spiritual practice. If everyone in the world today dropped their judgments, drop their expectations, drop their fears, everyone would be awakened, but everybody's brain is full of so much junk. And the heart's just sitting there going like, okay, anytime you want to have a conversation, I'm ready. When you...

Lacie:  Feeling.

Christian: Exactly. When you stopped spinning your wheels, let's talk. So again, it goes back to having those conversations with ourselves and going, what is my truth? What is the truth? Yeah.

Lacie:  So, for the listener today. What is something that starting off, or if they feel as though they're in a flux about chasing their dreams, living their authentic truth, what is something that they can do today at right after this podcast?

Christian: I like that question because I say the only relationship, we ever have is the present moment, which is to say, whatever's in the present moment right now, my butt is in relationship with the chair I'm sitting in. Right? I have, my ears are in relationship to the earbuds and I'm in relationship with you in this. So, I liked Arthur Ashe said start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. And so, I really, I love that quote. And so, my perception is, it's of utmost importance, just to start wherever you are, wherever you are, go, okay, what do I do now? And if you want to write a book, sit down and start. If you want to do a painting, sit down and paint. If you don't have the resources to do those things, go out and buy the supplies, do whatever you can do now, whatever that looks like in order to support yourself. And if that means taking a nap, then take a nap, you know? But never as, you know, never lose sight of what the goal is. Never lose sight of what you want to achieve essentially. So, it's like show up every day and a book it's written one word at a time. So, you show up every day and you put down the words that you can, and then it applies to your life. Do whatever you can and use what you can. You know, some people go, Oh, I don't have money. And I was like, it takes no money to start an Instagram account. It takes no money to... It doesn’t, right?

Lacie:  Right.

Christian: It doesn't take any money to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen. It takes no money to go take that walk for clarity. It takes no money to do a lot of things in life that we can do. And the interesting thing is, is that once we start the resources seem to present at the most perfect, excellent time. And by the way, I need to follow my own advice. That's always important. Practice what I post on Instagram and practice what I preach.

Lacie:  Oh, my goodness. Because you'll say something and then like that situation happens. And I was like, Oh, so I guess I got a practice would appreciate that, aha.

Christian: Well, I heard one spiritual teacher. I can't remember his name. He's an author. He's written a lot of books and he was very candid in an interview once. And he said, my family and the people that work for me, tell me regularly, I need to read my own books. Right? And that, yeah. So, it's funny we can channel the information, but putting it into practice and application is the key. So, what can people do right now? Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself, what do I do now?

Lacie:  And don't be afraid of...

Christian: The answer.

Lacie:  Right.

Christian: Right.

Lacie:  And nor the outcome, because you know...

Christian: Thank you.

Lacie:  That's part of the control as well. I'm only speaking out of experience. I'll put my hand on my heart and I'm like, okay. I spent to get this grand epiphany and you're like, go cook some chicken. And you're like, Oh.

Christian: Right, right. Exactly.

Lacie:  This is what we're doing?

Christian: Exactly. Well, there you go. You know? Absolutely and that's but sometimes you don't know, while you're cooking, the revelation comes.

Lacie:  Exactly. Like you may reach that data mode and Zen meditation, and you get that information and it's just sometimes a matter of gaging your level of how you'll receive more information. So, it leads to another thing.

Christian: Always.

Lacie:  Right.

Christian: Always our world is full of form. It's always, it's like a wave on the beach, the minute one wave crests and falls. There is another one.

Lacie:  Well, this seems like the perfect time for a segue.

Christian: Game time.

Lacie:  Oh yeah. It's game time baby. Okay. We're going to play a simple one today. We're going to play, what's your favorite line and why? Easy peasy. So, Christian, what's your favorite line and why?

Christian: I liked from this episode when Dr. Apples just accepts that I can't remember the exact line, but he just, he accepts that magic is just what it is like it's necessary. I think it's what you said. It's just, it's the way it is. And to me in my life, the magic comes when I am paying attention. The magic comes when I'm present. The magic comes when I'm aware. The magic comes when I'm tuned in. And so, it's of utmost value for us to maintain, balance because as you said, magic is necessary. And the magic comes from the colleges and it switches to say the consciousness is necessary. And all of my work, all of my teachings are about maintaining that consistent consciousness in life. Because the more that humans do that, the more peaceful, more happy as you might say, the more fulfilled they are.

Lacie:  And if you need some assistance, Christian is always, or sometimes available. He's booked a lot. Feel free to visit his website, www.christianb.com. It will be at below, under the transcripts and summary as well. So, he's pretty booked. I sent him a text message and I may get a response back and I'm not offended. I just, know, he is busy. And he's also a Capricorn. So, I don't take it personal at all. No, I really don't. I'm a sag. So, I'm like, yeah, you'll get there.

Christian: Oh, you're a sag steel you have to, you are covered up in sag, energy. So, in a Leo house, no doubt. So, you're like, here I am with all my fire.

Lacie:  It's a little high, get ready. Whether you like it or not, I'm here.

Christian: Absolutely. Thank God.

Lacie:  Right. Need some wildfire in your life people.

Christian: Absolutely.

Lacie:  So that is all we have today. I am so happy that you are my guest today. I thank you so much. You are just, you are a light in my life. So, I mean...

Christian: Thank you. Same, same.

Lacie:  So, I'm so happy that whenever we finally get to chit chat, we just have all these aha moments and it's so cute. And it all just like, well, when I don't have the answer to something, you have it and vice versa. I was like, I want you to do is talk to Christian and I feel invincible.

Christian: Right.

Lacie:  I'm looking forward to your podcast as well. Could you tell the listener a bit about it? Yeah.

Christian: So, it's just me and it'll be short, like 5 to 15 minutes at length and that most length anyway, and it's just me discussing my philosophy and how potentially I filter Christianity or Buddhism into my perspective. And what that is, and create a cohesion in the perception of what those are and not just those religions, but just what spirituality is in general and how we can become ever more like I said earlier, conscious in our lives and live on purpose and support of our own wellbeing and of course the wellbeing of the world around.

Lacie:  Awesome. And you have a book coming out soon.

Christian: I hope so. Jesus. I might have a couple. It's been quite a journey.

Lacie:  It's been busy.

Christian: Yeah. Well, it's been a decade worth of journey, but yeah. I'm submitting a science fiction book called Zuora and the songs of singularity about a dog that becomes aware through nanotechnology and has to confront a rogue militant AI. So that one is the one that I'm really pushing right now. So, yeah.

Lacie:  That'd be good.

Christian: I thank you for saying that. I'm ready. I'm so ready. It's been 10 years.

Lacie:  I just want to be on one of the quotes. I told you so Christian.

Christian: I'm so ready.

Lacie:  It's coming.

Christian: You're definitely getting the acknowledgements.

Lacie:  It is coming. It's happening and along with the podcast. Oh, and the name of his podcast is "You Are Here on Purpose". Yes. I love it. I can't wait to listen to it. Christian is been such a pleasure. I am so thankful for you and I will post all of the links below and people need to hurry up and schedule a reading from you. And don't be upset if he's booked. I told you already. So, thank you so much.

Christian: Thank you. It's been a pleasure. Absolutely.

Lacie:  Alright. Well that's all the time we have for today's discussion. I would like to thank Christian Brandley West for joining me this week. Yay. Always a pleasure. I highly recommend getting an intuitive astrology booking for yourself or as a gift for someone. And if you have some annoying people around you, I also recommend his bitch be gone spray. I use that pretty often. I, along with Dr. Apples would love to hear your perspective on the story or any comments or share your current journey. Visit talkaboutpples.com, where you can subscribe to the show and comment on every episode, stay up to date with the Dr. Apples Universe, by signing up for the newsletter, or simply tell a friend about the show that will help us tremendously. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for new episodes. Thanks for joining us this week on Talk About Apples.

Dr. Apples: Whaa... You're leaving. I guess I'll see you next week.