Dr Apples

3 - FOLKLORE: Meet the “SIMPLES” in this FolkLore

November 02, 2020 Lacye A. Brown Season 1 Episode 5
Dr Apples
3 - FOLKLORE: Meet the “SIMPLES” in this FolkLore
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 In an effort to challenge his (often properly assumed) preconceived notions about the "simples", Dr. Apples sought out to befriend some of the local children. He saw them as boring and plain, always the complainers but never the problem solvers. That's when he met a boy named Eugene. He was a little different from the rest of the kids but Dr. Apples knew he'd never be able to discuss with him the intricacies of most interesting topics. One day Eugene invited Dr. Apples over for dessert and before he was able to think of an excuse he had accepted. Will Dr. Apples be proven correct about the "Simples"? Or will he find he likes his new friend and the delicious dessert he was invited over to enjoy? 

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[Intro] Dr. Apples: Hey welcome. You're listening to Talk About Apples the podcast. The podcast version of the mystical fantasy folklore about me, Dr. Apple. That's right. Me.

Lacie:  What are you doing?

Dr. Apples: I'm podcasting.

Lacie:  No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Oh, yes, I am.

Lacie:  No, no.

Dr. Apples: No.

Lacie:  Give it.

Dr. Apples: You give it.

Lacie:  You give it.

Dr. Apples: You give it. Uh, fine you podcast. I'll go check on my hybrid watch. 

Lacie: Enjoy the show. 

Dr. Apples was 11 when he sought out the friendship of the local children. He was conflicted and being so sagacious about his assumptions of the simples as he calls them. He felt compelled to try to prove himself wrong. He was capable of holding conversations with various age ranges. Issues arose when the conversations became predictable, thus boring. The simples did the same monotonous routine in life. They never dare to change anything to resolve the problems. They complained and continue living the same plain old boring cycle. Despite his convictions, Dr. Apples quickly became friends with a young boy named Eugene.

Eugene: Hey!

Lacie: Eugene was a bit taller and leaner than him. Dr. Apples appreciated his sense of humor, which complimented his great style and fashion.

Eugene: Finally, another person to discuss socks with.

Lacie: They would converse about family, games growing up in Louisiana but this is far as the conversations went. Dr. Apples didn't feel Eugene was mentally capable to handle the talks of the universe without it leading back to Eugene's mother and the church. For no particular reason, one afternoon, while Eugene and Dr. Apples were walking by the Creek, Eugene stepped in front of Dr. Apples, grabbed his suspenders and corrected his posture, lifting his head. He stared directly into Dr. Apple's pupils and stated "come to my house for dessert. My mom was making red velvet you'll like my house". Dr. Apples was caught off guard. He had no time to come up with a believable lie. He shifted his eyes to the left in hopes that will create some distance. He was running out of time before a lack of response will make this socially awkward. His voice went soft.

Dr. Apples: Yeah. Okay.

Lacie: Dr. Apples heard about these gatherings and had no interest in attending, but he figured this is what it means to try to fit in. Once the words left his mouth, his anxiety grew. The thought of him having to speak to more than one human being on various topics, he wasn't interested in may his eyebrows arch awkwardly high for the remaining of the day. I mean, his mama didn't teach him to have that, but on a lighter note velvet, his favorite cake was being served. One good thing would come out of this. One.

Miss Hardy: Hey! Come on in babes.

Unknown Speaker: Hey, come on in. Welcome.

Lacie: When he arrived at Eugene's home, there were five other children from the neighborhood, two girls and three boys around the ages of nine to 12. Eugene's home was designed similarly to Dr. Apple's home. This was comforting and made him feel okay to interact with others. The home was similar aesthetically but less kept, and there was a tart odor mess by the center, fresh baked goods.

Child 1: Hey.

Dr. Apples: Hello.

Lacie: The children were welcoming to Dr. Apples, but had nothing in common with him. So, his plan of attack was to keep nice and give each child a compliment to warm up to the occasion.

Dr. Apples: You have pretty bows, in your hair.

Child 2: [Goggles]. 

Dr. Apples: I like your shoes.

Child 3: Thanks.

Dr. Apples: You must've been very good to get so much money from the tooth fairy.

Child 4: Yeah.

Lacie: As he gave these compliments, he had the same stoic expression as he feared, they could tell he was disinterested in their retort. Eugene's mother, Miss. Hardy monitored the children, sitting in the living room from the kitchen. She was preparing to serve them. She was amazed to see Dr. Apples outside his usual routine. She wanted him to be like the other children so much. She made sure to smell extra heart towards him.

Miss Hardy: You're with you crew now boy.

Lacie: She leered aggressively towards Dr. Apples. Ms. Hardy managed to divert her unnatural stare towards the red velvet cake. She grabbed the kitchen knife and was generous with her slices for each child. The children became energetic and loud for their piece and then everything slowed down. The cheers fading into the abyss as Dr. Apples’ eyes zone into his slice of dark burgundy cake with cream cheese icing coming him on a white shipped to plate. Nothing but this moment mattered. The fork was in his hand. It was time to eat. With no hesitations. Dr. Apples put as much cake as he could on the fork and shoved the glistening slab into his mouth.

Dr. Apples: Well, this tastes like shit.

Lacie: Oh, Dr. Apples didn't realize he knew this word nor that he knew how to apply it properly. He wasn't sure if he made the statement out loud or if he thought it. No one looked towards him so it must've been in his mind. The overcooked cake on his tongue felt like a use sponge with leftover food within the holes yet brittle as dirt in some spots. When he inhaled, he could smell the tart cocoa and stale milk use. Sandy grit of the flour and starch with the flavor of sugar, all rotated within his mouth. He was mostly concerned about trying to swallow the cake or spit it out and run away into the Bayou. Miss. Hardy strutted back into the kitchen, like a peacock, displaying his feathers to his mate. With much ego, she didn't notice Dr. Apples’ teeth, clenched nose wrinkled with eyebrows of disapproval. She was only concerned about boasting.

Miss Hardy: I told y'all always make the best food. I told y'all.

Lacie: Eugene's mama began working on the contents of a pie. Her hips move into a song in her head. She is munched and smacked in approval as Miss. Hardy dug her hands into the mixture. She cracked a few eggs, pour some sugar into a bowl, and sniffled a bit. Still moved into the unheard music. Without hesitation, she took her index finger, rubbed it against her dress, slightly clean. She shoved her index finger up her nose to grab her soul from the depths of her nostril way.

Dr. Apples: Wait, what?

Lacie: Yep. A big old burger. You can clutch your pearls now. Already given the circumstance he wasn't certain if she wiped it off her finger or not, but she never moved from that spot and continue to mix the batter with her hands. All while moving those hips. Dr. Apple's frozen, scanned around the area with his big eyes to see if he were the only human perceptive of this. He wasn't. The other children sat mesmerized with eyes, twinkling eating and watching Miss Hardy prepare more dishes. Is that with these clumps, from his cake are? He clinches a little fist and gritted his teeth. Oh, creative minds are cursed with ways of assumptions but this time he may not be inaccurate. The cake did have salty spots. The corners of his mouth sunk, his eyes began to water from the emotions, tastes buds, common sense and judgment.

Dr. Apples: They're okay, with this?

Lacie: He thought.

Dr. Apples: They're okay with it.

Lacie: Yes, it's okay with them. This was acceptable. It was the norm. They were content living like this, where he would never be. Being there, watching the locals, devour the rubbish given to them and never questioning it, was the moment Dr. Apples knew there had to be more than just this life. That's true young Dr. Apples, but are you brave enough to act on this revelation. On the next episode is a discussion. What's the hoodoo that she does so well? Stay tuned. Well, that's all the time that we have for today. I would like to thank you for listening and I, along with Dr. Apples would love to hear your perspective on the story and or comments, or just share your current journey. Visit talkaboutapples.com, where you can subscribe to the show and comment on every episode and stay up to date with the Dr. Apples Universe, by signing up for the newsletter, or simply tell a friend about the show because that would have help us a lot and be sure to tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for new episodes. Thank you so much for joining us this week on Talk About Apples.