Dr Apples

4 - FOLKLORE: At home w/the Simples; What could go wrong in this Folk Lore?

November 09, 2020 Lacye A. Brown Season 1 Episode 7
Dr Apples
4 - FOLKLORE: At home w/the Simples; What could go wrong in this Folk Lore?
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 Thankfully Dr. Apples was able to leave Eugene's home but not before nearly ingesting the grotesque and disgusting "dessert" they had prepared for him. He relayed everything to his mother in a near panic. Upon hearing everything (well, almost everything) his mother decided to not push him to socialize any more. Dr. Apples knew that what the "Simples" thought and did couldn't be all there is to all of existence but he needed more proof. His mother still made him go to school which he viewed as an opportunity to prove his judgments right. One day the teacher wanted everyone to bring in something special to them and show it to the class. What could Dr. Apples possibly have to show the other kids to help them understand him more? 

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 [Intro] Dr. Apples: Hey welcome. You're listening to Talk About Apples the podcast. The podcast version of the mystical fantasy folklore about me, Dr. Apple. That's right. Me.

Lacie:  What are you doing?

Dr. Apples: I'm podcasting.

Lacie:  No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Oh, yes, I am.

Lacie:  No, no.

Dr. Apples: No.

Lacie:  Give it.

Dr. Apples: You give it.

Lacie:  You give it.

Dr. Apples: You give it. Uh, fine you podcast. I'll go check on my alkaline water. 

Lacie: Enjoy the show.

Although bewildered Dr. Apples managed to leave Eugene's home shortly after, without a scene.

Eugene: Bye.

Dr. Apples: Bye.

Lacie: The simplest didn't question, his abrupt departure, they were content he socialized.

Miss Hardy: Come back tomorrow.

Lacie: Miss Hardy wiped the mixture onto her dress as she grabbed the door knob.

Miss Hardy: Y'all! Get your hands out my pie.

Lacie: Once she closed the front door, he bolted home in a panic, spiting everything out of his mouth with the taste. If it felt like anything other than his teeth and tongue, he scraped it with his little nails. The taste of blood was welcomed, anything to remove the memory from his senses. Like a magnet, he darted towards his mother and began explaining what happened. He barely inhaled. He was so serious explaining what transpired. The tears began to form in his eyes when he spoke about the finger to nose portion. His mother didn't dare hint towards a sniffer or change her facial expression. She actually heard the entire story. Dialogue begins to chatter in her mind. She was concerned she may traumatize the child.

Miss Barule: I wonder if I traumatized him.

Lacie: Her eyes were wide and brows remained risen in surprise. Once his story was finished, there was a long silent pause.

Dr. Apples: And then I went to cry. It was awful.

Lacie: Dr. Apples, unclenched his fists and marched to the washroom to clean himself up. She never asked him to socialize again. Dr. Apples viewed people in this world as simple and the world kept giving him justification to this belief. Just simple. To just be in this world was too boring for him, this petulance couldn't be all there is to existing. Rhetorical ponder Rose consistently in his mind from observing the locals and imagine they have the nerve to repopulate.

Dr. Apples: It's a waste to invade the mind with such thoughts. This isn't all there is in existence. Just this world? There couldn't be.

Lacie: But where's your proof young doctor, apples. What makes your hasty generalization so accurate? He wanted to see firsthand what else existed beyond this world. But how? Knowledge will give you the answers you seek. Dr. Apples attended school when he was 11 years old. Back then children of various ages will be in the same room, 30 to 50 kids with one educator. His mother educated him, but she thought learning from others would make him more well-rounded for life. School became an experience to prove this judgmental theory. He was a loner in class, often drawing while the teacher spoke about what he already knew. One afternoon, the teacher wanted the children to get familiar with each other. She told them to bring something special, to show the class. He took his attention from writing.

Dr. Apples: Finally.

Lacie: His eyes glinted finally; he will get to showcase one of his prize possessions. The children were chatting about what they were going to bring. Dr. Apples took this assignment personally. They needed to understand who he truly is beyond the wise well-dressed annoyed kid. The next day, he sat up straight in his chair. He made sure to pay attention to the other children's items. He was surprised that the commonalities he had with a few children and how many kids have piggy banks as well. Nice. His turn. It was his time. Yes. He hid the item in his pocket until it was his turn to present. He was concerned all day it would stretch his pants pocket, but it didn't. Standing in front of the classroom. He proudly smelled and lifted his item as high as little arms to reach. Any higher and it would have reached the ceiling. A collection of gasps may for one loud one. It sounded as if someone's sucked the oxygen out of the room, the kids in the back couldn't see the ones in the back raised their necks like groundhogs. Whispers began to follow and then gasps came from the back randomly. Why would he bring that? Dr. Apple's hands slowly, went down. It felt like forever. His back slumped as he inhaled and blew out disappointment. The Hoodoo doll slapped against his thigh. The fearful teacher was quiet and did nothing to control the judgments. He didn't have time to explain the importance of his effigy doll. How dolls like fees aren't bad and how this one gave him good dreams, which the other kids could also have, but making one for themselves as he did. It took him all summer to make his doll, but they didn't want to understand.

Dr. Apples: Ils sont stupides. Ignorant, You, your mama, your cousins all of them.

Lacie: Hold those tears. Dr. Apples. They didn't care. They made up their minds.

Child: I don't like him.

Lacie: They didn't want to get to know him. He crushed a doll in his fist. His head weigh more than usual as it drifts. Dr. Apples grabbed his hat and walked out of the room to go home. And no one stopped him. It didn't matter. Anyway, he wasn't learning anything. Once he arrived home, he told his mom what transpired. This time she heard the entire story.

Dr. Apples: Mommy. They made fun of me.

Lacie: She grabbed two wooden chairs and placed them across each other in the kitchen. She sat gracefully and he followed suit. The intensity in her brown eyes was something he had never seen before.

Miss Barule: Ils sont stupide. I will teach you everything I know and more, no need to ever be sad. I'm here. Pum.

Lacie: He smiled. She stood up to check on the stew in the kitchen.

Dr. Apples: Hmm.

Miss Barule: You couldn't learn too much from them anyway, we'll start after lunch.

Lacie: She gave him a wink and a smile as she walked away. That day begin, intense lessons, discussions, and lectures on all topics. Ms. Barule could phantom. Dr. Apple's desire for knowledge intensified the more he learned, and this gave him a sense of purpose. He knew he was closer to figuring out what's beyond this planet. Intellectual, emotional, and religious information became interesting topics, but he was never satiated with what he found out. Religion no longer intrigued him after a while. He educated and applied himself in these matters, but practicing any beliefs under anyone else's terms where he didn't feel he was progressing, never piqued an interest in him. He believed topics like religion were a necessary evil. He just didn't want to dance with them. See, you'll soon understand that many of his actions, which lead to his wealth of knowledge and his talents derive from curiosity, sheer boredom and lack of patience. Men. Now not to get off topic, but Dr. Apples has always been lovable in his own way. I mean, I can't think of any examples right now, but he's a great mix of shadow and light in my opinion. He's wise beyond his age, even though he's old as dirt, he has a fascination with the bridge between dimensions and tends to get carried away sometimes. He's never felt he belonged on this planet when he is present, though, he is a charming soul indeed. And you wouldn't know it, but Dr. Apples enjoy spending time with children on the weekends.

Children: Hey Dr. Apples.

Lacie: I know right. He enjoys teaching them about metaphysical detection, boundaries and canning fruit.

Child: Great.

Dr. Apples: Good, good.

Child: How is your piggy bank?

Dr. Apples: My piggy bank is doing fine. Thanks for asking. How about yours?

Child: Good.

Dr. Apples: Remember, protection spills or very important. Finances are very important. Canning fruits are very important

Lacie: When they tell him about bad dreams and the Boogeyman.

Child: Dr. Apples, I had a bad dream.

Dr. Apples: What? A bad dream?

Lacie: He tells them.

Dr. Apples: I'll get into your dreams and destroy that boogeyman. Don't worry. You'll never hear from him again.

Lacie: And they usually don't. He gives some of the children, effigy dolls that looked like him to protect them while they sleep. He's capable of some good. Sometimes you have to remember the good traits in people. You know remember, remem, rem... Oh, I forgot to order his vegan cheese biscuits. Oh, he's going to hex me. One moment. Do I have great job or what? On the next episode discussion with Jay Thurman. What does being out of your comfort zone feel like chasing success? Well, that's all the time that we have for today. I would like to thank you for listening and I, along with Dr. Apples, will love to hear your perspective on the story and or any comments, or just share your current journey. Visit talkaboutapples.com, where you can subscribe to the show and comment on every episode and stay up to date with the Dr. Apples Universe, by signing up for the newsletter or simply tell a friend about this show, because that will help us a lot and be sure to tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for new episodes. Thank you so much for joining us this week on Talk About Apples.