Dr Apples

5 - FOLKLORE: It’s Time to Fly in this FolkLore

November 16, 2020 Lacye A. Brown Season 1 Episode 9
Dr Apples
5 - FOLKLORE: It’s Time to Fly in this FolkLore
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Knowing there was more to this third dimension, Dr. Apples grew up alone. He is okay with this arrangement. The void of not having to a common date of these issues gave him the freedom to explore his mind rather than socialize with the simples. 

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Episode Timeline

[1:30] Dr. Apples does astral project in his free time. Astral – is when you separate your physical body and your astral body, some call it spirit. It’s able to travel throughout universes.   

[2:00] By accident, a people may have experience this astral projection but can forget once they wake. 

[3:00] Dr. Apples was unconsciously experiencing this astral projection when he is still a child. He kept on asking his mother about it however, her mother didn’t tell him about it. 

[7:50] After many experiences with astral projecting, he was most certain there was more to this life than just this planet. 


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[Intro] Dr. Apples: Hey welcome. You're listening to Talk About Apples the podcast. The podcast version of the mystical fantasy folklore about me, Dr. Apple. That's right. Me.

Lacie:  What are you doing?

Dr. Apples: I'm podcasting.

Lacie:  No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Oh, yes, I am.

Lacie:  No, no.

Dr. Apples: No.

Lacie:  Give it.

Dr. Apples: You give it.

Lacie:  You give it.

Dr. Apples: You give it. Uh, fine you podcast. I'll go check on my ghost laxative. 

Lacie: Enjoy the show.

With a knowing of there being more to this third dimension. Dr. Apples grew up alone without friends. He was okay with this arrangement. The void of not having to accommodate others issues gave him the freedom to explore his mind rather than socialize with the simples. Let them worry about their wars and racism. He never felt a connection to it anyway. He was interested in tapping into other sensations, no nothing involving wet dreams. With his free time, he was able to learn how to astral project. If you don't know astral projection or astral traveling is when your body and mind are at a rested state. You separate from your physical body and your astral body; some call it spirit is able to travel throughout universes. Many physical sensations and urges happen that one must discipline themselves to overcome, to achieve this ability on purpose. Often the astral projection experience can happen by accident and a person may be able to recount the experience, but most people usually forget once they wake. Astral projection happened to Dr. Apples organically. He didn't have a name for it nor thought to discuss it with his mother as he assumed it was a common occurrence when going to bed. There's a difference between dreaming and astral projecting. He figured astral projection was one of the reasons most children dreaded going to bed, they didn't know how to control their experience.

KID Dr. Apples: Mama, do you I fly at night. 

Lacie: He eventually brought up the occurrences with his mother. She was familiar with it, but didn't feel comfortable teaching him any techniques. Not much information was recorded during his childhood about astral projection, but many people from his mother's coven, AKA witches were knowledgeable about the execution, but were too far to assist. He concluded the self-taught process was the best method for him. Dr. Apple's technique of astral projection came to him instinctively. Almost every night. He would practice traveling and exploring other realms. He would lie down in bed and close his eyes, tingling sensations would course throughout his body like tiny needles, prickling, every part of his skin. With his body extremely sensitive after a while, he felt a magnetic tug which poured upwards and made him feel as if he was coming out of his body. The most common reaction is to physically get up, to make the sensation stop but he ignored it. His chest was the first to feel the pool. The invisible pool began from the side of the body. The pool becomes stronger and gradually reaches your center mass. The sensation travel to his arms, legs, fingers, and toes. His head was the last to embrace the feeling. To keep the feeling going, you must remain still everywhere with your eyes closed. No scratching the itches, no moving the head to feel more comfortable. Still. Mental struggles occur. They are the biggest challenge besides moving. Get up. What are you doing? This isn't right. Scratch that head. You're not comfortable. Start over next time. Just sleep. You need to rest. You don't know what this can do to you. You're going to die. Just kidding. I'm being dramatic. Mental struggles were overcome by Dr. Apples curiosity. And finally, there is a relief in not controlling the present and just embracing this experience. Just let it be.

KID Dr. Apples: Wow!

Lacie: Once he released and accepted the unknown, he felt light and away from his physical body.

KID Dr. Apples: This is amazing.

Lacie: Stress and worries are attachment to earth, but not where he was going. In this experience, you can explore and expand your knowledge and be in the amazement of letting the universe showcases wonder. Dr. Apples would eventually fall back into his body after the experience and drift into REM sleep. Oh, how he wanted to have these experiences consistently. Every astral projection occurrence is different. In one particular occurrence Dr. Apples performed his normal routine. He laid down on his bed, close his eyes and began the astral projection process. Once past the release stage, he was able to view his physical body asleep. It looked like watching a video of oneself.

KID Dr. Apples: Oh.

TEEN Dr. Apples: Oh.

Lacie: His body was lying flat on his back. He saw himself breathing in and out. He began to feel himself rise effortlessly while watching his body appear asleep. There wasn't a moment of pause to take in the moment he just began to rise high. He saw the roof of his home. Then the neighborhood, he wanted more time to observe the details of this perspective. Higher, he saw the earth luscious green land, beautiful blue oceans and ethereal clouds from the backdrop of the clean black universe. Still, no moment of pause. He wanted to take it all in. He thought he would stop rising, but no, he looked at the small earth now below him and look forward and notice black nothingness. A look down and saw black. It wasn't scary, just unnerving. The darkness was soon interrupted by sporadic green squares all around. These were random, but eventually connected to each other uniformly. They seem to connect to form one large grid from their shapes of matter, began to form. Stars, planets green glowing grid shape beings appeared. Beings, which resemble dragons. No, no, no, snakes, no, muster hybrids gracefully traveling around the galaxy, but never approached him. He could observe the creatures in detail, but didn't interfere. Oh, how he hoped he could remember every detail of this moment would leads.

TEEN Dr. Apples: What was that near me? That just grazed me.

Lacie: He thought.

TEEN Dr. Apples: What?

Lacie: The birds chirped.

Miss Barule: I said, it's time for breakfast, silly.

Lacie: His mother yelled through his bedroom door. He woke up. After many experiences with astral projecting, he was most certain there was more to this life than just this planet.

TEEN Dr. Apples: Yes. I knew it.

Lacie: Dr. Apples would awaken to his body feeling tingling. His eyesight was blurry and he felt discombobulated. He would go about his day seeing different movements.

TEEN Dr. Apples: Huh!

Lacie: It was a common thing for Dr. Apples to take a daily walk. Walking by the Creek he would always pass his favorite Willow tree. It has so much character. It should have been painted on a homemade canvas with oils to preserve its aesthetic beauty. He would often look at the tree and appreciate it with a grin. One time a neon green silhouette appeared around it. Irradiated like a candle by an open window seal. He slowly blinked twice and the glow was gone. Then it came back. Then it went away again. Often, he will question what he was truly seeing and his daily living state seemed like a blurry dream.

TEEN Dr. Apples: Am I awake.

[Outro] Lacie: Was this a new norm. On the next episode discussion, the astral projection process. Stay tuned. Well, that's all the time that we have for today. I would like to thank you for listening and I, along with Dr. Apples would love to hear your perspective on the story and or any comments, or just share your current journey. Visit talkaboutapples.com, where you can subscribe to the show and comment on every episode and stay up to date with the Dr. Apples Universe, by signing up for the newsletter, or simply tell a friend about this show, because that will help us a lot. And be sure to tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for new episodes. Thank you so much for joining us this week on Talk About Apples.