Dr Apples

6 - FOLKLORE: Well, didn’t see that coming in this FolkLore

November 30, 2020 Lacye A. Brown Season 1 Episode 11
Dr Apples
6 - FOLKLORE: Well, didn’t see that coming in this FolkLore
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In this episode of Talk About Apples, Dr. Apples knew he had a work on astral projection in traveling back into his physical body the same way he left. He couldn’t remember much from mini experiences. Soon, the process become a second nature to him. By the age of 14 he became agile. Think he had mastered the technique. He describes his experiences with his mother, Miss BaRule. 

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 Episode Timeline

[2:50] When he came to explore the astral world, he noticed a galaxy and a cute little being was beside him again. This creature floats much like Dr. Apples.

[3:39] He stared at the creature for a while. As Dr. Apples touched the creature, a massive dragon appeared off a distance. 

[7:03] Dr. Apples wants to connect to real human beings while astral is projecting. But he’s not convinced it possible. 

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[Intro] Dr. Apples: Hey welcome. You're listening to Talk About Apples the podcast. The podcast version of the mystical fantasy folklore about me, Dr. Apple. That's right. Me.

Lacie:  What are you doing?

Dr. Apples: I'm podcasting.

Lacie:  No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: No, you're not.

Dr. Apples: Oh, yes, I am.

Lacie:  No, no.

Dr. Apples: No.

Lacie:  Give it.

Dr. Apples: You give it.

Lacie:  You give it.

Dr. Apples: You give it. Uh, fine you podcast. I'll go check on my vegan cantaloupe sushi. Enjoy the show.

Lacie: Dr. Apples knew he had to work on astral projecting and traveling back into this physical body. The same way he left. He couldn't remember much from many experiences either, but with a few adjustments, he trained himself to gently wake up and for his brain to remember most of the details.

Dr. Apples: Oh, I got this.

Lacie: Soon, the process became second nature to him. By the age of 14, he was Swift agile and felt he had mastered the technique. Thank his ego for that.

Dr. Apples: It's easy.

Lacie: He was most excited about describing his experiences to his mother.

Miss Barule: What an amazing experience for you Pum.

Dr. Apples: Yeah, it's nothing.

Lacie: The chi shire grand from Dr. Apples reaction always placed an equally impressive smile upon Miss Barule's face. She knew the smell he gave when he told those stories came from the happiest part of his soul. Both loved each other for their bottomless wealth of knowledge, independence, and strength. They were refreshing alternative from the benighted society they were around. Dr. Apples admired his mother. She was easily his best friend. Well, his own human friend. On one occasion while he was experiencing astral projection, he heard a tiny gargle as he viewed the galaxy. He came upon a tiny shelled creature where it came upon him.

Dr. Apples: Aww, how cute.

Lacie: This creature seemed to be into Dr. Apples. It stayed near him for the entire duration of his astral travel. It never interfered and was by his side. He felt a connection to it. The companionship was refreshing. He woke up and went about his daily life. He was a bit lethargic and moody that day, but he knew he could take a nap later.

Dr. Apples: Ahh.

Lacie: When it came upon time to explore the astral world again, that night he noticed the galaxy and the cute little being was beside him again. It looked much like a large snail, but had a beautiful human like eye. This creature seemed to float about effortlessly much light Dr. Apples. You only knew it was around at times by the faint gargle. His shell was shiny and twinkled against the darkness. His body didn't have too many features. It appeared to resemble the shape of a translucent thumb and had nostrils for breathing. This had to have been the same creature as before.

Dr. Apples: I'll call you Frederick and you'll be my friend here.

Lacie: He stared at the creature for a reaction for a while then went back to observing the sites. He never bothered to touch Frederick and Frederick never made a reaction, but clung close to Ar. Apples before disappearing from sight at times. As Dr. Apples viewed his surroundings, a dragon like creature appeared in the far-off distance. He could tell it was a massive. This thing seemed light years away, but it was so close. Dr. Apples was trying to assess the girth of it. He was certain, it was bigger than a killer whale and its length was longer than his sight could measure.

Dr. Apples: Wow. That thing is really moving fast.

Lacie: The dragon light creature had the grace of a dancing kite on a warm summer's day, a moveable grid. You couldn't tell if it has scales from this distance. He couldn't ascertain if it had eyes or nose, but it certainly had teeth, massive teeth. As it got closer, he could finally see his face.

Dr. Apples: Oh.

Lacie: Ugh! He had no plans for this encounter. He looked around his surroundings to see if it were headed to a particular point, nothing around him. Yep. It was probably headed towards Dr. Apples. He turned his head to the right and there was nothing but blackness and stars in the background. He moved his head to the left and the massive green grid scales past him as he felt the breeze of the creature passing him.

Dr. Apples: Wha-wha-wha-wha, huh?

Lacie:  He looked around to see if there was a way to escape. His eyes naturally moved down and Frederick was gnawing on his leg. It's teeth, which Dr. Apples had never noticed before were firmly embedded in his leg, slightly moving in and out. Rage within Dr. Apples to see. He grabbed Frederick squeeze once and squeezed again to make it suffer with all the force he had he viciously throw it towards the large scaled dragon creature. Dr. Apples eyes popped open at his bed from the astral travel. The room was hazy and psychedelic. With his body stiffened he sat up and began to recall the experience. The cogs returning in his mind. He vigorously petted all over his body and directed his attention to his leg.

Dr. Apples: Huh?

Lacie: He lifted his pajama pants to find faint reddish bumps on his chocolate skin. There was no blood and he didn't feel any pain. He patted his legs some more and felt a gush on his right hand. He flipped his hand over to reveal flesh tone goo embedded in his nails. Oh, how the cops were now spinning in deed. He remained still in that same spot for most of the day pondering. This was a new level of enlightenment. The ramblings of thoughts erupted in his brain.

Dr. Apples: How long could I say under? How often could I do it in a day? Could I connect with another person? The dead, the living other beings while astral traveling? Could I project with anyone I choose while astral projecting? Could I die from this goo? Why did Fredrick tried to eat me? Can I eat it? There's got to be a limit to what one can and cannot do in this uncharted practice. Where is Frederick? Can I kick his little?

Lacie: He wanted to understand how he had the ability to maintain the goo on his hand, returning from astral travel. The answer was practice.

Dr. Apples: I got it. When he astral projected, he tried to touch anything he could since this heightened and he became cognizant of every moment of astral traveling. Eventually he trained himself to pull beings from other realities into earth. When he returned home from astral projecting, he will come back with a physical gift or two.

Dr. Apples: Yes.

Lacie: It's a technique he promises to show me.

Dr. Apples: Just you wait, I'm going to show you how to manifest these things here. Just you wait. Blah, blah, blah.

Lacie: So, he says then a week or two later, I hear...

Dr. Apples: Just you wait, blah, blah, blah.

Lacie: He has to remember the initial promise first. Some of the most common beings he would collect back to this planet were snail beings. Like Fredrick later, he learned that they're parasites. He calls them things. I mean, calling them parasites is just off off-putting plus we can't sell them online that way. These successful hunts were a catalyst for bigger ego, a confidence booster I wish Dr. Apples received a little later in life. Anyhoo, playing in multiple rounds his mom listened to his stories while gumbo and what test his memory on journeys.

Miss Barule: My Pum, do we choose our looks before being born here? Do we choose our parents? What about experiences?

Dr. Apples: Ah.

Miss Barule: Hmm. Oh, what's a color I haven't seen before. Better yet, find a being I have never seen and draw it for me. Por favor.

Lacie: Assisting with gumbo and assigning quests became routine for the two and we're spending at least twice a week. These were moments Dr. Apples knew not to take for granted. For skin was no longer as soft as the brush of a dandelion. And although her eyes sparkled, Miss. Barule's, cough was getting worse. Her body appeared frail behind her now oversized dress.

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