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December 02, 2020 Lacye A. Brown Season 1 Episode 12
Dr Apples
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This discussion is simple, don't be your own worst enemy. Keep going and learn the skills to recognize the self saboteur. In between this, Dr. Apples reads a few reviews from the Podcast to end season one.

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LACIE:  On his 16th birthday, Dr. Apple's mother was kidnapped by fairies and replaced with a doll each year on his birthday. He's presented a doll which has his mother's essence.

He's traveled through various planets, dimensions, realms, questioned, tortured and pride his way for clues.

He's on a mission to find his mother. Welcome to the Dr Apples Universe. Hello, my name is Lacey, I'm the host, creator, visual artist and producer. And this is talk about Appel's the podcast. This is the folklore of the fictional character, Dr Apples.

And his universe is filled with fantasy humor and powerful magic. So enjoy. Thank you so much for being here. Today's discussion will be brief. Initially, I wanted to discuss manifestation, but a lot of situations came up both personally and by me observing recently, and I feel it's necessary to bring this out into the open. So today I'm going to discuss self sabotage. Stop ruining your opportunities.

Now, let's quickly define self sabotage, self sabotage refers to behaviors or thought patterns that hold you back and prevent you from doing what you want to do or preventing you from advancing in life. Or from you accomplishing your goals, for instance, I had a lot of things going right.

I had a career goal for myself and I was close to making that a reality for me.

So I had to go through some training, which is rare because you don't get that crash course by starting a new career path. It was a beautiful opportunity for me. I had to turn in a project and I was being lazy doing it not because I didn't believe in myself, nor that I was confused. I just wasn't doing it. Luckily, I caught myself and dedicated a full day in making my project the best under the circumstances.

This opportunity was ultimately for my best interest, so why did I press a halt on something that would help me in the long run?

Well, I was self sabotaging myself. I did some shadow work and I called myself out on trying to prevent good things from happening and finally accomplishing my dreams.

After that, I called myself out on everything else that wasn't working for my best interests, that included eating things I'm allergic to and messing up my skin, socializing with people who aren't goal oriented and so on. The point is, you can't be afraid to secede, and when you're almost at the end of accomplishing your heart's desire, don't allow great opportunities and potential positive relationships dissipate due to fear.

Let the fear go and persevere.

So some quick signs of self sabotage are procrastination, which is what I was doing, negative self talk, negative thinking and perfectionism, a.k.a., I call it control freak.

We're going to take a quick break.

Afterwards, I'll let you know what you can do once you recognize those habits.


DR. APPLES: Oh, guess what, Lacey, 

LACIE: What?

DR. APPLES: it's time to read some reviews for the podcast. Yes, let's see if you've been doing your job properly. 

LACIE: I have. 

DR. APPLES: Oh, I love this part. Let's get right down to it. Nate W. says, "so fun and addictive. I am a podcast fanatic. Talk about Apples is a riveting story with mystery, danger and surprises throughout. After you finished the first episode, you would want to binge the rest of the episodes as well. So good."

 Well, of course you'd want to binge the rest of the episodes. It's about me. Nate is obviously an exceptional judge of character and taste.

You should listen to him next review. Art by Shaad says, "this podcast is an odyssey. I love it. Very awesome stories and discussions. This podcast really puts you in the perspective of not just Dr. Apple's, but makes you feel like your character in the stories yourself. I definitely recommend this podcast to everyone." Well, I couldn't agree more with you. I've often looked at myself as a modern day achilleas and you as my mother Din's as we seek to destroy the theory menis from the world.

Although I, I'm much better looking than Achilleas and I have stronger ankles. Yes, he did have good hair though. One your mother. Yes, but Sprinkel of Sentai Excrement mixed with ladybug juice that will make your hair shine and good luck. Yes. 

LACIE:  Listen, focus.

DR. APPLES: OK. I like my hair. 

Getting onto the next review. Christian BW. Hmm. I think I know him. He says, "get ready to be enchanted. Dr. Appel's is filled with magical delights that are very much needed right now. " I like where this is going, " The story explores voodoo magic in a way that's accessible to adults and kids alike."

This guy really knows his stuff. 

"No other story has done this in this way. It hasn't. It's Rick and Morty meets the Boondocks meets Doctor. Whoo hoo! Oh, indeed. So get ready to be transported to other dimensions and go on wild rides with Dr. Apples and his assistant and a pig. Oh, that's right. There's a pig, too."

LACIE: Shhhhh

DR. APPLES:  Oh, Christian, the pigs are secret. It's one of the reasons I'm vegan.

Just so darn adorable with this crunchy little face and their wrinkly skin. New cute little spiral tail. 

LACIE: We love pigs here. 

DR. APPLES: Yes, we do them for good cause all the last review o bill BLT says addictive.

I recently discovered the podcast world and stumbled across this one. I am addicted. Listen to Episode one. To be honest, this is the next level. A mix of everything with witty humor and serious discussions. Dr. Appel's It lets you go away for a while as you listen. Almost like fairy tales for grownups. I recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys listening to fiction while discussing themes and topic issues within all the best. Lacy, thank. Thank you, Bill. I've always seen my life as more of a crime drama, but. Hmm, I guess humor would work. Wow, these messages are astonishing. Yes. Thank you. 

LACIE: Thank you. 

DR. APPLES:   We are really grateful to have such wonderful, supportive friends. You know, this makes me want to snatch up a few parasites and mail them all to you. Yeah. Hmm. Stay tuned. Keep those reviews coming. I love them. But you want more. You made it creepy. I did. Anyway, this has been review time with Dr. Phil's man.

That was fun. Yeah. They love me. 

LACIE: Huh. 

DR. APPLES:  Us. I meant us. I-I Me and you. US. They love me.

LACIE:  Liar.

 DR. APPLES:  Hey, look., How about I buy you a cauliflower burger?


DR. APPLES: With cheese,

LACIE: Hmmmm, maybe.

DR. APPLES:  They're delicious!

LACIE: No. Just go. Your segment is over.


LACIE:  Welcome back. We love our fans. So what to do if you're self sabotaging?

First, show some love and compassion for yourself. Don't be hard on yourself, but understand that this is a breaking point and a time for change for you. Secondly, understand the why you're doing this. Dig deep and open up to yourself. Just be honest. Lastly, make an action plan on what you can do to stop the habit if you're eating badly planned, how you're going to eat weekly and what to do when those cravings hit. You got this. Now, before we leave, the one step that you can do to help yourself today after this podcast is to keep going no matter what. If you have a goal within your heart, keep going.

Yes, you'll encounter a lot of obstacles depending on how big your goal is. And you'll have to fight the self saboteur. But fight keep going.

Well, that's all the time that we have today. Season one is officially complete. Time to get ready for season two, same magnificent actors, some new ones and even more exciting thrills coming up for the next season. Thank you truly for the wonderful support. We couldn't do it without you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I, along with Dr. Appel's, would love to hear your perspective on self sabotage or any comments or share your current journey visit. Talk about Apple's dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show, visit the doctor, Apple's website and all of the social media platforms we're on. Be sure to leave a written review of the show and that will help us out a lot. We'll be around with a bonus episode or two. Until then, see you later by. Well, you're leaving. Oh.