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Making Footprints Not Blueprints

Andrew James Brown/Caute

Welcome to “Making Footprints not Blueprints”, a regular podcast about matters philosophical and religious. My name is Andrew James Brown and, despite being myself an atheistically inclined free-thinker, I’m also the minister to the Unitarian Church in the city of Cambridge, UK.The title of this podcast is borrowed from the philosopher Herbert Fingarette (1921-2018) who, in his book, “The Self in Transformation” (Basic Books, New York 1963), offered us studies that were “outcomes rather than realised objectives” which were offered to the reader as an encouragement to make “intellectual footprints, not blueprints.” This podcast tries to proceed in a similar fashion and takes seriously an insight of the poet A. R. Ammons who felt that true human freedom only comes when we have understood that full scope always eludes our grasp, that there is no finality of vision, that we have perceived nothing completely and that, therefore, and thankfully, tomorrow a new walk is a new walk.

Recent Episodes

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